Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cobblers were here!

we had a nice time.. always lots to talk about and catch up over the last month.
Auntie Mary had brought wine/sweets from her trip to Iowa and a cute lil paper mache candy corn hanging on my spice jars.. after a couple glasses of this yummy wine and good food, i was done for by 9pm once again...sorry girls.

 Carol F had a cool new marking pen... i defiantly want one of these!

and she was busy stitchen away...

 Carol P was working on some paper piecing..

we had gotten her a welcome home gift!
Thanx Cobblers for a fun night!

ok some have asked for the recipe for the

Crescent Roll Taco Bake

enjoy your day!!                 jody

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Cobblers are coming!!

whoo hoo! it will be nice to get together and chat, eat and maybe some show and tell! i am making this taco bake with some black-beans, chips, salsa and what ever else i can find for on the side. i love tacos and this looked good and easy peasy!

 i have been busy the last couple days with ebay..
wish i could stay organized to keep it up!

i brought Sadie Girl to the vet for her allergys...
shes saying... thanx alot g-ma

ok lets get outta here!

this is much better g-ma....

enjoy your day!            jody

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


yep! son Jason and wife Jessica!
they will be married 5 years this Dec. they were home this weekend and we were
sitting outside under a tree chatting, and i said... so! you finely have your house sooo when do i get a grandbabe? and Jason pulled out ultra sound pictures!! yep! she is 13 weeks yesterday and feeling good! Due the end of March! so i will have a new grandbabe and a new DIL (wedding next year!) whoo hoo my family is growing!

Jason is one of those that i have to take about 20 pictures before i get a good one..
he likes to make it challenging!

soo fun! lil peanut! she said about the size of a lime... and growing!

 enjoy your day!       jody

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Road Trip!

it was a cool 37 degrees and foggy, sister Jana, I and Carol P ventured out to an out door quilt show put on every year by Bonnie of
she is Carol Fs cousin and a friend of the cobblers.
by the time we got to the lake to drop sister Jana's car off it had started to cleared up and the sun was trying to shine. by the time we got to Bonnie's it had clouded up and was still cold, but that didn't stop us from having a great time!

 sister Jana found some cute vintage crocheted treasures...

many enjoying the cool fall morning!

 i found soap and of course had to buy some...

many quilts hanging among the trees!

 soup and pie.. Yum!

 by the time we got back to the lake the sun was shining...

enjoy your day!               jody

**next post some great news to share, just need to get a picture or two...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thank you all..

soo much for all your thoughts and prayers for me and the kids after loosing our Gizzy... we had a wonderful 16 years with him and i believe he had a great 16 years with us.. i have to share what Ellen in Oregon wrote in my comments..
" i always come to the conclusion that no matter how hard the end is, we are willing to bare the sorrow because it is the price we pay in return for a lifetime of companionship and unconditional love "
Her comment just seems to makes things so clear to me, i guess i knew this but reading it at this time gives me peace..  Thank you Ellen and all my Blogging friends!
Yesterday i went to Grand Forks (22ish miles) for a couple appointments so of course i stopped at a couple thrift shops. i wasn't expecting much for some reason but was so happy with my finds! of course i have them divided into three groups! eBay, timeless treasures and family/friends, i do think i am keeping the basket as it fits nicely in a cupboard i have...oh and one or 2 of the books...
jadeite was 12.00, for some reason can't resist buying the old cook books either..
 Vera Bradley purse... 3.99

 Cindy girlfriend and i went saleing on Saturday here in town as it was city wide sales we hit a whooping 46 or more.. i forgot to take pictures but here is one purchase.i did pay 5.00 for it

Cindy spotted this quilt and i bought it for 5.00!! GEEZ...

 love the old fabrics...

 again my Blogging friends thanx so much for stopping by!!
enjoy your day!              Jody

Monday, September 16, 2013

We will Miss our Gizzy...

he has always been our only (boy) fur babe.. loved to lick ears and cuddle. Gizzy is now with Sally Girl playing at rainbow bridge. So this summer my home has gone from 5 fur babes down to 3.. Daughter Angie said i now have a legal (in town) amount of fur babes...

 and today will go on .. with out our Gizzy...

enjoy your day my  blogging friends...               jody

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Soap is Ready..

to be delivered! so happy to finely get this batch out the door! still need to get more out to Timeless Treasures tho. i decided i would like to make more now this fall and then concentrate on baskets after Christmas... hopefully that will work out. time will tell. i haven't made baskets to sell in years, and have so much in supplies! i have 2 friends whom stopped making baskets and gave me all their supplies. i must have 200 handles! i love the markets and williamsburg type baskets so will start with those.

Matt and Katie snuck into the yard the other day while i was gone with g-babe and soccer.. they had pictures taken of their now one year little doll face! she is soo sweet and so are her parents!

Gizzy hasn't been eating altho i did just get him to eat some tuna and liquid. i will try a bit later if this sits well with his tummy. he has been lounging here and there and im hoping now that the meds will kick in and he will perk up some. He weighs in at a whole 6lbs.. all 3 have always been little. but not a whole lot to go on.

just now he was helping me with paper work..thank you all so much
for all the well wishes for my little Gizzy, my fur-babes are all pretty special as
you all know, and feel the same way with yours!

enjoy your day my blogging friends!!          jody

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Angelas Quilt..

she is making for a friend. She got it back from the quilter recently....
so now shes been binding.. and tonight i am hanging with Grandbabe #1
so maybe i will help a bit after he goes to bed...i love to bind, i think its a part of quilting you either love or hate...

i had an appt. to take Gizzy to the vet, as to me he had gotten boney and his tummy bloated.. well by Sunday night he was throwing up ect. so i was pretty teary on the 20 mile-ish  ride to the vet, as i was sure i wouldn't be bringing him home. it turns out he has hypothyroid.. so we are trying some meds and hopefully he will perk up. pretty weak by last night so i don't know.. and trying to get the 1/2 pill in him twice a day is proving to be interesting...poor little guy.

I am working on soap today... i hope i don't get side tracked...
enjoy your day!                   jody

Friday, September 6, 2013

the rearranging and loading never..

Ends! and its been in the 90s so ya know what i must look like! Jason/Jessie bought a house, a nice big older home with great nooks and crannys, a big yard and deer too! Jeff/Tonya are on their way down to help them. so they stopped here to leave Sadie Girl with me and pick up Marks big old desk for Jason to now use. sooo since Jason didnt want my big red couch for in his man cave ..... Jeff/Tonya moved it back in the den for me..i know i know! i just couldn't get use to the  vintage set... so will sell it! Jeff had to make some pretty funny moves in the kitchen hauling the couch thru.. wish i had gotten pictures. Thanx so much you guys and don't tell Angela! her back is still giving her problems from when we moved the vintage set in.
 i made muffins and cookies for them to take to Duluth and found a nice vintage card for Tonyas Birthday Wish..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONYA!

Jessica painting in their new/old house!

 Sadie likes the big red couch...shes wondering if its staying.

love this set that i hauled out to the shop today, as someone else loved it too and
took it home with them

i found this in my friend Tims basement and am having a tough time parting
with it.. id like to put it over my stove/oven on the wall...

enjoy your day!       jody