Friday, June 28, 2013

Cobblers day..

at Auntie Marys!

settling in...

 uncle Doodles and his newest creation,
 adds a breeze and fights the mosquitoes.. too funny!

 pictures around Marys comfy home..

 sister Jana showing off! and i thought id beat her finishing this.. she says she didnt know we were in a race! ya right! i told her she just had nothing else to do!
 Mary had made some gardeners soap.. really nice! i need some Auntie!!

auntie Marys fairy garden..

 our pontoon driver!
 some fun in the sun with lots to munch on(thanx Jana!)... and drink!(thanx Carol, Carol and Mary!)

 well your back in one piece...

supper time! yum it was wonderful Auntie Mary! she also made a 
yummy fruit compote over ice cream for desert! and Carol made
a great spinach salad.. i made sushi. so we had lots to eat like always!

it was a wonderful day! Love these guys! thanx Auntie Mary!

enjoy your day!!           jody

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cute video!

goodmorning! I am working on the pictures from the cobblers bonding at the lake...
but saw this on facebook and wanted to share for all you moose lovers! it is so cute!

Twin baby moose and mother playing in sprinkler in Anchorage, AK. June 2008
Added on 6/28/08
Check out this video on YouTube:
enjoy your day!         jody

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Grandbabes yesterday, Cobblers today..

I was in the car by 8am and home for the night at 8:30pm. it was so dang hot and humid out so when daughter Angie sent me a text that thunder, lightning and rain was here I missed it! sound asleep soon after I got home!
Grandbabe #2 was first on the list..T-ball, playing at the park and pizza for lunch!

Grandbabe #1 swimming from 5-5:30 then baseball from 5:45-8pm
with g-mas left over pizza on the way! 

cool tree on the drive from g-babe #2s..
looks like a giant eagles nest. 
today the Cobblers are meeting out the lake at Auntie Marys!
another hot, humid day too so we may have to stay out on the
pontoon all day.....
enjoy your day!              jody

Monday, June 24, 2013

Good thoughts for the Katie the moose!

Hopefully all goes well for KATIE the moose.....we sure have enjoyed her but unfortunately there are those who think shes like a pet and shes the city really had no choice...

Crookston   —  
Crookston's unofficial moose mascot could be spending its final day in and around town.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources personnel, working with the Crookston Police Department, are in Crookston Monday to locate the moose and, if things go as everyone hopes, tranquilize it and relocate it somewhere far enough way so that the yearling female doesn't feel the urge to return here.
How far away?
"We're thinking Kittson County," Crookston Police Chief Tim Motherway told the Times. "The process is actively underway."
The moose that's hung around Crookston off and on since late winter was last seen over the weekend on the southern edge of town.
"I think this is the best outcome," Motherway said. "The moose is obviously used to being around people."
Motherway and DNR officials for months have stressed to Crookston residents that the young female, no matter how docile she may seem around people, is a wild animal and not a pet. Still, the moose has attracted an audience just about everywhere it's gone, and some people have even gone as far as too feed it.
Motherway has never ruled out putting the animal down if it was determined to be a public safety hazard.  Multiple attempts to get the moose to leave town, with officers making loud noises and following it closely with their squad cars, have worked over the past few weeks, but only temporarily, as the moose has always returned.
"If this goes as it should, it's the best thing for Crookston and it's the best thing for the moose," Motherway said.
Previously, the chief reported that DNR officials had said that similar efforts to tranquilize moose for the purposes of relocation fail about half the time, with the moose perishing in the process.
The state is covering the costs of the effort, Motherway said.

Read more:

Just thought id up-date my blogging friends... will let you know when I hear more!

Monday this and that...

the moose is back..

  • By Times Staff
    Updated Jun. 18, 2013 @ 2:03 pm

    Crookston   —  
    The yearling moose that possesses a particular affinity for Crookston was back in town Monday after spending some time away. She spent much of the morning on the north end near Crookston National Bank.  she eventually
    ended up at Minakwa Golf Course Monday evening, while Men’s League matches were being played.

    I cant believe how much she gets around.. auntie told me
    last Friday she was up the street from me eating flowers at the garden store,
    maybe she will come to my yard... 
    Mom and Dads Irises, they were my grandfathers,
    he had them planted out the garden store and when my parents
    sold the store they brought these home..
    we were watching grandbabes play ball.. I snapped this of
    my nephew, my brother Jim and Dad..
    my brother has a boy same age as my grandbabe #1
    this sky was at the same ball game....
    thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and comments from my last post!
    nothing like the support of family, friends and blogging friends!
    enjoy your day!            Jody

    Friday, June 21, 2013

    2 Years...

    you are in our hearts all day everyday...
    Thank goodness for memories and lots of pictures.

    enjoy your day..               jody

    Tuesday, June 18, 2013

    The Rest of the Trip ...

    thought I would continue with our trip.. so here are some more pictures!

    Here we GO! Sister Jana said as long as I was taking pictures she was posing! I should put them all on here!!

    Hurry up Jody!! Or we are leaving ya!
    part of what we had in store for us!

    Sister Jana shopping in Liberty Homestead
    JJ Stitches.. 

    Carol fox and her cousin Bonnie from
    Willow Wood Market! 

    show winner.. beautiful!
    America, Let it Shine
    designed, pieced, machine quilted on a
    20 yr old Bernina by a young mom with young children! 
    The Back of it!
    The Cobblers! Carol p gave us the bags for Christmas.. 
    Carol p gave us each one of these pins too!
    as a reminder of our 2013 cobbler trip!
    enjoy your day!!   jody