Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Angela!

Last night i had daughter Angela and Jayden over for a birthday supper! i made sweet & sour chicken, cant believe i didnt take a picture...
anyway i finished her gift, got it wrapped and she loved it!

i loved working on this and thought to myself when i finished.. now what can i work on? but look behind Jayden, all those soaps in the containers need to be cleaned and wrapped.. so i guess thats whats next! *i had picked up the rack its hanging on at a sale last summer with this project in mind. could have been a bit bigger but works i guess!

My Dad was in the hospital for a few days... he had a bad cold/pneumonia. mom had also been ill. so it was a few days of mending for both.

we had no snow.. now its been doing this all morning.
we leave in at 6 am tomorrow for a 1 1/2 hr drive to dads appointments...he will 
have an ultra sound on his heart as well as 2 other tests to see about replacing his heart valve.

enjoy your day my blog friends!                    jody

Friday, April 21, 2017

Cobblers at Janas house!

we met at sister Jana's to tie quilts, we like to have pizza so we can get to work! i tried to get Jana to use paper plates but she refused! we also had a b-day to celebrate!
pizza, salad, crackers & dip, lemon poppy-seed bread, chocolate and strawberry pie..oh my!

brother in law Steve supervised us for a bit!

 a little show and tell...

time for Auntie Pat & Marys Jean quilts for our families high-school graduates!
this year there are 3!

the backings! Fish!

 then we tied my 2 grand-babes quilts!

 time for desert and a celebration! Happy Birthday Carol!!

  Carol P brought a slide show of her and Chucks wedding!

 Carol brought me some wool! thank you Carol!! love your wool!
and a couple samples of some interfacing she has used with applique.

it was getting late so we put Janas quilt in the frame and i went out 
yesterday am to help tie! this one is going to her son/wife.

then we tied one for her grandbabe!

i got a text latter that she had finished these 2 also! 
great quilts sister!

this one is for mom and dad..

Jana's kitty Stanley wanted to come home with me!

enjoy your days my blog friends!                              jody

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Grandbabe Bonding...

i have been stitching on a fallish/holidayish project. love being busy during the day and looking forward to stitching in the evenings...
Grandbabe was not feeling well so i went and spent the day with her, lil sister went to daycare so i had Avery all to my self!

 Brody is such a great big brother to his two baby sisters!

these have been so much fun to work on.. will show the finished project soon!

sister Jana took a stash buster class at the quilt shop last night
thought id show what they made...great to fill/or not! for a gift!

Julia (blog friend!) asked about mom & dad 
so i took pictures yesterday!
we have a full day of Dr. Appts for dad next Monday in Fargo,Nd 
about 1 1/2 hr drive so it will be a long day but
hopefully will come home knowing what to do and when..
Great Grandson Jayden stopped in on his way home from school!

  Moms sister stopped in too! mom and dad have a revolving door!

my Friend Shelly who introduced me to who Tasha Tudor was
 sent these to add to my collection!! Thank you Shell!

enjoy your day my blog friends!    jody