Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cobblers were here...

On the Menu...
Zuppa Toscana soup and Ham/Cheese Sliders.
Oh and Zinger Pickles.... love them!

Auntie Mary brought Apple Pie and Ice Cream for Joyces Birthday!

Happy Birthday Cobbler Joyce!

Sister Jana Brought Artichoke Dip/WheatThins and Pumpkin Cookies
Joyce brought us each Pear Butter and Mary brought me some dry Mint from her garden which will be used in cooking and soap making..

Carol wanted our opinion on buttons or no buttons..
        i was the only one that said no buttons.. i honestly like it either way..:)

Carol always comes up with something.... love this idea, told her this is what she
should make us all for Christmas this year....

Auntie Mary was busy punchen....

these are some of her finished projects... i want to make the Halloween cat.



 Joyce was busy crocheting...

Sister Jana was busy Stitchen..

 Carol P busy eating Popcorn! Love Ya Carol!

 Auntie Pat brought us all a thimble from her trip to Cape Cod!
 Thank You Auntie!

Happy Halloween Day!! tomorrow i will have Halloween pictures!

enjoy your day!                  jody

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Duluth Kids...

wish i would get there more.. should be a new years resolution since they will have a new babe the end of march too!
we had a great visit, they have a nice new home and are settling in to living and working in Duluth.
since its a long 4 hour drive i stocked up.....

stopped at a couple of these....

 my babes!

cute lil older house with nooks here and there...

they live on a busy street but... these guys come visit from the back yard..

 huge back and side yard. they live on a corner lot

great little pond!

 does anyone know what this plant is? soft to touch... love it.

jasons man cave? above the garage..

steps down from the man cave...

does anyone know what this vine is?

 love the burgers here! a must go to every time i go!!
this time the Jalapeno/cream cheese burger.....

should have seen the looks we got driving past these faithful bird watchers...
i thought we should jump out and join them!

my grandkitty Emmie sitting in the front porch...

cobblers are coming tonight!! yum!

enjoy your day!!                 jody

Monday, October 28, 2013

Cobbler Saturday...

get together at the lake that i missed, sounds like it was another successful get together with good food, fun and actually a bit of crafting too!
Thank you sister Jana for taking pictures!!

Auntie Pat finished some wash rags..

auntie Mary busy, busy....

Auntie Pat busy busy...

Yum! we always fight over auntie Pats left over pickled beets..

sister Jana showing mom/dad and i what she worked on
out the lake with the cobblers... silly girl!

the cobblers will be here Wednesday night for our monthly get-together! so im working on a menu...should be working on something for show and tell that would really surprise them!

enjoy your day!                         Jody

my next post will be about my visit in Duluth!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We haven't had...

sunshine in a few days again...but it is peaking thru the clouds!!
some yard work and a storm window or two to hopefully get done today!

 the neighbor girls were playing in my porch, i found this...

Grandmas Bitter-Sweet is still thriving... after all these years..

im going on a road trip friday to visit son Jason/Jessie, to check out their new house before the snow flies!
the cobblers meet out the lake on saturday for the annual get-together... i will miss it for the first time in years.. i wonder who i can get to take pictures? sister Jana?...
Auntie Mary?

enjoy your day!         jody