Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cobblers and a QUESTION...

it was another fun filled night.. everyone liked the wraps and salad. i maybe should have goggled how to wrap a wrap, but of course the cobblers said they were just fine.. not much for show and tell, i guess everyone's busy with end of the summer stuff! here are a couple pictures..
sister Jana got her quilt back from the quilter..

 Carol P brought yummy bars and
 Auntie Mary, one of her famous rhubarb pies..

Cousin Beth couldn't find thimbles while on her road trip so we all got mints!
Thank You Beth!!
and that's it! for out August get-together!

now for the question.. does any one know why my pictures are blurry on my blog, when i post my blog from my phone or i pad? i use Blog Press...
does anyone else have this problem?

Raining, Pouring, Thundering and Lightning, oh and dark! what a perfect morning to wake too! i hope it continues all day!!

enjoy your day!            jody

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Guess what day it is?

on the menu.. cucumber/tomato salad, chicken/grilled veggie wraps (my concoction)..

and what ever else i can find!
Tonya was talking about Zingers this past weekend and
i found the pickled asparagus at the farmers market..

this little guy is here helping me out today!
(at least he doesn't seem to mind my chair, Angela!)

enjoy your day! and come back to see what
 the cobblers came up with this month!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grandbabe update & Busy weekend

Surgery went well! Daughter Angie had told the anesthetist how sick he was after the last surgery and this time he was eating a subway sub by afternoon! He was still coming out of anesthesia, i was in there and asked if angie/mat needed anything and he mumbled a sub! We got little laugh outta that and knew he would be ok! Here he is opening a gift from great auntie Norma!

The boys/gals were home this weekend, when i got up Sat. Am there was a gone fishing note so i decided it was a good time to go to the farmers market and get pictures of auntie Mary..she sells t-shirts of the lake she and lots of others love and live on, of course she has bit of other things too..

Mary and her market neighbor Marge ( the bagel lady )
Mary had picked me up 6- jalapeƱo/chedder & 6- tomato/basil...yum!
As she always runs out!

So i then drove over to sister Janas cabin and waited around to see how the
fishing was going..

Grandbabe said he caught lots of fish but daddy let them go!

So he and i stayed and played awhile..

I think think thats about if for tonight,
The house is quiet and the fur babes are starting to come out from hiding :)

Enjoy your evening and stay cool!                  Jody

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Up-date on surgery..

So after sitting and waiting almost 4 hrs wondering why he wasnt going in surgery, Angie text from the same day surgery area and said "no surgery today.. Tomorrow at 8am."
Apparently the bag that held the rod had a hole in it so the rod that was going in his arm was'd think they'd have others on hand..soo we went for PIZZA! Soo tomorrow will be surgery day, we hope!

And now i need to get busy!!
Enjoy the rest of your day!


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Grandbabe #1s arm not healing, needs realignment and rod. So heading into surgery.. I just gave him hugs and kisses now we wait..
Im trying to get things from Tims house organized and divided up
(Hidden) b/4 the kids all come home for a birthday party this weekend...
Can you spot a kitty?

Prayers for grandbabe!

Enjoy your day! Jody

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Geez....Wednesday already?

I have been helping my bestie Tim from childhood go thru the family home and divide it up for auction, timeless treasures and ebay/craigs list. this is what i came home with yesterday...Boy was i tired by last night! and then i heard thunder after midnight! sooo i was out in the yard covering things with a tarp! i need a I'm sorting thru and organizing as i have another load from this am in the pickup. hopefully it wont be as hot as it was yesterday...

lots of treasures....

 remember these?

do i have to part with this wonderful cart?
looks great in my yard....

Cindy girlfriend and i will be vending at a show in September so i know alot of the mis. furniture ect.. will be perfect!

enjoy your day!           jody

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Heidi was home...

to sell some of her goods at our towns annual "Ox cart day festival" lots going on Friday/Saturday and many come home just to take part. Daughter Angie helped her friend out serving beer at one of the bars also doing a rib-fest, a few restaurants.. ect have a contest to see who makes the best ribs... she had fun and got 80. in tips and a couple job opportunities!

sister Janas son Luke and wife Heidi..

 morning sun... Taylor, Nicks bride to be, Heidi and her mum!

loved her purses and totes.. she had wonderful aprons among other treasures too

i bought from her some wine cozys and a pin! i tend to be to lazy to take the ring wine markers off so these will work great for me! i was afraid i would have to special order bigger cozy's for the cobblers wine glasses but... i think these will do!  if you click on her etsy link on my side bar you can see all she makes!!
i should probley get another set...

 enjoy your evening!!        jody

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Peace and Tranquility

I seem to have too many irons in the fire and not getting alot done! a high school friend is home to go thru and get his moms house ready to sell, she was a collector like me... i am heading over to visit and help a bit. these lake pictures remind me to slow down....
i think this first picture may have been Uncle Doodles (Dougs) doing...

enjoy your day!        jody

Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Salad time ....

Love this time of the summer when the fresh veggies are in abundant! made some of this salad today for my neighbor and i ... mine is already gone! it had avocado, onion, cucumber, tomatoes and a dressing of oil, lime juice, cilantro, garlic salt and cracked pepper and of course a bit of parsley!

The grandbabes got in some bonding this weekend...

grandbabe #2 with Great Grandmom!
my son Jeff has been working on his dads boat to get it running,
decided to get some help and finely got it in the water! whoo hoo its been probley 4 years... so it was a bit bittersweet but good bonding for him and his son!

i bought my self and IPad with my ebay earnings sooo am going to get busy
listing this afternoon! Thank Goodness for my mail man STEVE!!

enjoy your Monday!!!          jody

Friday, August 9, 2013

Good Friday Morning..

it is sunny, a bit windy, nice and cool. an almost perfect morning! i have grandbabe #1 here with me today as no day-care. Jeff, grandbabe #2 and Sadie girl will be here later this afternoon, Tonya and her mom are going wedding dress shopping! So it will be nice to have the boys play together this weekend. maybe there is a good movie to go too... and i get to cook! i already have a request for lunch...Cream of Broccoli Soup! and i just happen to have fresh broccoli and 1/2 & 1/2 on hand!
i did sell 5 out of the 6 quilts/blankets (last thing i do is de-hair) (i do try to keep a blanket or cover over the ones im selling) anyway need to get listing today, would love to find the sofa again....

 i know theres a kitty here....

i can smell another one...

and the signing begins!

boy using Bloblovin or feedly sure makes you realize all the posts your missing!
and have to catch up on!

enjoy your day! and thanx for stopping by! also have a great weekend!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

a Couple finds and a Video...

Cindy girlfriend and I have been busy the last couple days! have i told you we LOVE sales?? anyway we did fill the pickup and more.. i was cleaning up a couple small finds and thought id try them out.. now i want to keep them...

On the road to recovery and very ready to go back to day care

and play with his friends!

enjoy your day!     jody


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Grandbabe update..

after seeing the Dr. yesterday it was decided that he needed surgery... so surgery at 4:30. It went better than expected they did not need to break the other bone and rod it. it all was realigned, manipulated and set.
icing the shoulder now as the cast is heavy for him, but at least his cast is my favorite color! red! now to sign it!

this was last night once he got home..

Great Grandma Jean stopped by and brought him
purple Popsicles from GG-pa John...

finely asleep for the night..

alls good today except hungry... but, nothing staying down...

lets try one of papas purple Popsicles...
thanx for all your postitive comments!!
i have the best blogging friends!
i promise something fun and crafty soon....

enjoy your evening!    jody