Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Cindygirl...

just turned 19 on June 1st. she is the last of my 5 fur babes. 

a few months ago i lost her sister Frisco (18)  and Emma the Corgi just a month or so ago... two years ago i lost Sally Girl (17) my golden and last year Gizzy (18) - the brother kitty.. so my fur babes have lived to nice old ages, i sure miss having a houseful.

enjoy your days and fur babies my blog friends...                 jody

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday this and that...

 another box from friend Mary,
a lil something for my newest Grandbabe!

 she tucked this in for me..
thank you so much Mary!

mom & dad went on a roadtrip and stopped on the way home,
to see their newest greatgrandbabe!
i did hear that mom only let dad hold her for 5 minutes then she grabbed her away!
they sure enjoyed their visit with Tonya and babe!

i went to this sale a few days ago, had gone to it last year also.
there was just as many treasures this year as last year! was fun and great prices on the glassware!

enjoy your days my blog friends...                             jody

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Happy Fathers Day Mark.. We love and will miss you forever, You are being carried on in your beautiful children and grandchildren....6/21/11 - 6/21/15

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Friend Mary...

i have this friend Mary, who has been known to send packages out of the blue and thats just what i got yesterday.. i met Mary while stationed in Rapid City SD we were both doing a craftshow and have been friends ever since. she left for Okinawa (she is still there) and we retired here in Mn.
Thank You Mary! as always very unexpected and much appreciated!!

she sent a calender from Okinawa that i took a couple pictures of ...
im thankful now for my time in Japan and only wish i would have appreciated
it more then..

here are a few pictures from my garden...

i picked up the birdbath for 3. and the 2 black cement planters for 5.00 last week.
last year i bought the bird houses and have had the bench i picked up at an auction.. 

Enjoy your summer days my blog friends!                       jody

Monday, June 8, 2015

Rain, Hail and.. a Visitor last night

yesterday was beautiful

then the sky darkened, lots of thunder, rain and hail..
soon after the storm a my fish were all still in the larger pond thank goodness!

 she looks kinda worn out but it was raining hard and I'm betting she has
babies maybe in my back garage.. last time i noticed her around she had 6 lil ones..

glad i hadn't gotten my planters done yet...
and looks like a hole in the fence..i need to fix.

yesterday i noticed baby robins in my "enchanted garden"
so i put a grate over the whiskey barrel pond so they wouldn't fall in there...
she was trying to get a drink of water here..
today sunshine and lots of mosquitoes...

enjoy your day my blog friends..                           jody

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


we have been watching a Robins nest at mom & dads...
three eggs!
three babies!
three bigger babies!
same day, off they go!
mom was working in the yard
and got a picture with her camera
as they were leaving the nest!

and my babies!

 big brother and new baby sister!

auntie and cousin with new babe!

and this little one will sure have fun with her new baby cousin!

enjoy your days my blog friends!                      jody