Friday, August 29, 2014

The Cobblers were here!

well once again we had a great Wednesday night visit and here are some pictures to prove it!
as always we had lots of food, fun and laughter!

Grandbabe sat in til Joyce got here..

I have been so hungry for this take out pizza sooo
ordered it! and it was deli-sh!!

i made a spinach salad with strawberries, almonds, avocado, red onion and feta
with a poppy seed dressing!

Auntie Mary brought pickles.. 
 and peas and dip!

Carol brought yummy cookies... 
 Carol P brought zucchini bread...

sister Jana bought birthday cake for Carol Ps Birthday!

then it was time for show and tell...
this was a quilt Carol P made, we tied and
she brought it to bind..

 Carol P doesn't like to bind so Auntie Mary worked a bit on it!

Carols sewing hint got in the Fons and Porter Magazine
and we got her autograph!

some of Carols show and tell... busy busy!

love love the back ground wool on this piece!

she did reverse applique on this mat..

and lastly...
she will be selling these and more at a show in September!
Good Luck Carol!!

Mary brought this quilt/wall hanging to show us!

looking at the bowls/punch mats, i had gotten at a sale..

 Carol gave this Pyrex bowl to Carol P for her Birthday
Carol loves the color orange! even has an orange car!

 Joyce brought this Jar for Carol P
 with a picture of her and Jana
and the wild flowers too!

Carol P had been on a weekend vacation in North Dakota
so brought us all a thimble to add to our collection!
so i think i covered most of our night!!

enjoy your weekend my blog friends!                       Jody

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Neighbor!

I stopped by my neighbor friends house to drop of some lye as shes a soap maker too! i thought id give you a little tour of her gardens! a friend of hers made her this birthday necklace.

years ago when i was a young girl, before Lucile lived
 here i played in this lil play house...

She is so good about sharing her herbs with me!
just got a bunch of parsley and basil! Thank You!
Happy Birthday!!

enjoy your day my blog friends!

*** oh! tonight the cobblers are coming!! ***

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Morning Catch up...

Cindy girlfriend and i hit the sales!
" just squeeze it in there! we got lots of room:"
well we were out of money, room and energy by noon!
Its Cindys Birthday Today!!! Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!! Love ya!

This guy spent a couple days with me...
and had the boys across the street over.

and it looks like its Hockey time of the year again...

Grandbabe #2 was at the minnesota state fair with his other g-ma/pa
helppen out with the 4/h livestock.

 and having lots of fun too!

and these guys were home for matt/katies lil ones 2nd b-day!

Happy Birthday honey!!

i thought this was a good picture of my grandpup Koa...
he loves coming to grandmas house!

enjoy your day my blog friends!          jody