Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cobbler wednesday!

And it was great to visit and catch up last night! I have a few pictures to share!
Carol p won a blue ribbon at the county fair!

She started a quilt for her grandson...

and showed us a table runner, love the colors!


Joyce is busy crocheting..

Carol is working on her latest wonderful wool applique! She always finds the prettiest wool! And is trying out some dmc variegated thread..

Auntie Mary is showing us her latest wool applique block for her primitive gatherings quilt.

love the flowers!!


She brought me a beautiful restaurant ware  soap dish! And us each a thimble from her trip to Iowa! Thanx soo much auntie Mary!

And we had company stop by.. To say hello, Jana's son Nick (in yellow) and Nate! Always nice to see those young guys!
 auntie pat is ready for her walk home! it was a fun night!

So i think i about covered the night with the cobblers! I have grand-babe #2 for the day, the electricity is out so we are heading outside to play!

Enjoy your day!!       Jody
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

timeless treasures!

thought i would show you some pictures of " timeless treasures " i call it cindys sanity! she loves to be out there in her own little world and is constantly tweaking, just like me at home....shes now making room for some of my fitz/floyd and blue /white.


today would have been my sister joans (youngest) 49th birthday. so happy birthday sister joan and hope you are resting in peace and not giving my markie and g-ma kiki, to bad of a hard time....!
picture of a picture... and joans in the middle with the dimples..
i ran over to moms to take a picture and shes babysitting my brothers little one who is the same age as my grand baby #1 anyway, they were bonding!
the cobblers are coming tonight and we are eatting pizza! it is suppose to be 98 degrees no cooking for me! so of course pizza and popcorn is the next best thing! hopefully there will be some show and tell for you!! 
enjoy your day!                jody

Saturday, August 25, 2012

birthday and a sale!

first, Cindy (my partner in crime) called early and said "theres a sale, lets go" and i said "ok! you pour me a cup of coffee and ill be right there!" shes the navigator and I'm the driver. it was here in town so off we went! alls i really bought was a book, 2 Bakelite handle old utensils and these blankets for .50 cents a piece... the bottom one im not sure it seems like a felted wool but i love the color. the next is a wool by chatham blanket, then 2 small pieced lap type. they are pieced with wool and crochet together. the one on top i may leave for a bit but the bottom one is warped and out of shape so will cut up. then there is a really pretty bigger lap type with hand quilting, i may see if one of the boys/girls want it and then the last is a quilt for the kittys ( they needed it sooo badly, ill add it to their pile).
today is happy birthday to my partner in crime!!!! happy day Cindy! she loved her quilt and i didn't give her any time to get sentimental as we had a sale to go too! she is spending the day at home, in the yard with her husband, the grandbabes will be around for a few games of crochet which i understand is quite the show...i may need to sneak over and video! here is a picture of her, husband Dennis, spoiled pup woofy... and their beautiful back yard, which they have just put together in 2 years as they had to move for flood control. they are still only about a block away! they had 34 baby turtles hatch in the yard that will be pointed in the right direction to the river later today.


happy birthday Cindy! i love you my friend! you too Dennis!
enjoy your day!         jody

Friday, August 24, 2012

friday morning and a new babe!

im heading out to janas to sit and stitch my binding on well chatting with her. i seem to find it hard to sit and stitch here for some reason... so since in need to have my gift ready tomorrow i better make time to sit and stitch. last night i had some help of course and cindy girl was so comfy i couldnt disturb her. that would be why i dont get alot done! Maybe jana has a carmel roll the new little clamps out to help with the binding instead of pins! thanx stephanie for letting us know about them!



a new little baby girl! katie and matt welcomed their beautiful little bundle of joy after a long 24 + hours by c-section! babes looks like she tried really hard to come out so hopefully they will have somewhat of a rest full day and i will up date with a family picture soon. my boys and their gals will be home this weekend and im sure jason/jessie will be holding little babe as much as possible! congrats you guys we love you!


a cute little treasure at moms.. i saw this sitting in her window in the laundry room, so cute! 


enjoy your day!          jody


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

thoughts and prayers for...

Cheryl's family and friends...Cheryl the quilt shop gal who was also a wife, mom, grandmother, nurse  and more. if you want to read her obituary go here.  she passed away from complications from a back surgery at 50 yrs old....
yesterday we tied quilts out at Jana's with Heidi ( Jana's DIL, and Cheryl's niece) Shana (Heidi's sister) and Brenda ( their mom, Cheryl's SIL, also grand babe #1s daycare mum). Luke,(Jana's son and Heidi's husband) stayed busy with grand babe #1..thank you Luke!
this is Shana's huge reversible t-shirt quilt. one side high school the other college and it was the first quilt she ever made! #1 g-babe is showing the egg he got when feeding Jana's chickens...

this is the jean quilt i made for Cindy (my partner in crime) i made it for her 60th birthday this Saturday. i made it using some of the jean squares i had left (i made her g-daughter one) from her late sons jeans. she had a hard time parting with her grand daughters quilt so i know she will love this one! she loves red and Jana had some beautiful red flannel print by red roaster that worked perfectly and we tied with a dark red thread. thanx Jana!

Luke showing g-babe how to shoot at a target! nooo not birds ect! altho i did hear shhh don't tell auntie Jody..... 

sister Jana always makes the best carmel rolls and had made Luke/Heidi a big batch of cookies and also had a hot dish in the oven for of Luke's favorite! shes such a great mum!

Jana's fruit fitz and floyd.

enjoy your day!                jody

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fitz / Floyd , blue and white...

i got out my Halloween Fitz and Floyd, as my sister in law wants to buy some from me and since i really don't use or decorate with it.... I'm trying to lighten the load a bit! sister Jana has most the halloween and more, mom has alot and i had bought double of some. i cant believe how much some of it has sold for on ebay! a witch cookie jar that i paid 29.85 for sold for 305.00 with out shipping.  i keep it all in the basement on shelves in a glass pantry that grandma used for storage in one of the rooms it goes from one end of the room to the other and is full! thank goodness for these shelves.....they are full. sad! but it did keep me sane while in japan. once a month they would have vendors come on base and they sold all kinds of stuff. i also would travel off base to china petes to buy the Fitz / Floyd, blue and white and other things. (i have stories of driving off base!) its fun to go on the web and look at china petes web site. we also traveled to okinawa where i found alot of the blue and white. sadly this isnt all of it... but im hoping to find great homes for it! and hopefully i will keep it here staring at me till i get rid of it and dont bring it back down the basement...

well the babies have made it to the dowels soooo they are not babies anymore and daddys been cooing as he wants more babies.......told ya they were worst then rabbits!

im going to janas to tie a couple quilts! # 1 grandbabe is spending the day with me so he will help too!

enjoy your day!                            jody

Sunday, August 19, 2012

been hooking a bit...

and thought i would show you. of course I'm not sure about the black in the chicken... i kinda want to pull them out and put the chick wool... what do you think? i just think it would be more primitive.
I'm going to look through my stash for a brownish/tan back ground. not sure about the other colors yet. the worst problem for me is picking out the colors...oh, i bought this pattern from tracey (on the prairie rugs ) when i met up with her! ive always wanted to hook a chicken ....
well Sadie the beagle is back with Jeff/Tonya,  Grandbabe #2 was so excited to see her.  when i went to say bye Sadie sniffed my hand and quickly ran to Jeff. i think she was afraid i would take her with me... then i came home and picked up Angela's dogs for an over night stay as she was gone for a wedding. Oliver thinks hes a lap dog and every time i sat he thought he'd sit on my lap... too funny.  he is still such a puppy and tore down the curtains in the porch and found the cat food i had moved up on the counter... it all went well and they are home with Angie now and my house is quiet...

enjoy your day!              jody