Monday, December 30, 2013

Busy Few Days..

But nice to be together even if it wasn't all at one time.

 Sister Jana's DIL Heidi and my babes..

Sister Janas youngest AJ..

my brothers boys..

What did you and uncle Jason give me?
(they made him a ninja turtle fleece blanket and a movie)

my Fargo, Nd from Grandma/Grandpa..

Matt and Katie were over with their #1 babe... 

modeling the Vera Bradley diaper bag..

 My Duluth babes.. Baby will be here the end of march!

 Grand pup Oliver was happy to see Tonya!

next post the Cobbler Christmas.......
enjoy your monday my blogging friends! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Christmas Eve Baby!

once again it is son Jasons Birthday! its his 28th Birthday.. so weird! they are home but only til tomorrow. its a quick trip! Jeff and Tonya are spending Christmas with her family so they will be home this weekend. Tonya has the cutes little nephew so i know they will have fun with his first Christmas. we will miss them but they are with loved ones and thats what counts!
(my 28 yr old babe! and wife Jessica)

i wanted to share a couple christmas cards with you!

mom and dad

sister jana/steve and growing family

 my friend Mary who is in Okinawa sent me a package with these
treasures in. OMG love it now i need to make some sushi! check out
the chop stix up close! Thank you so much Mary! i love your packages!

yesterday grandbabe and i did get some baking done!

Merry Christmas Eve my Blogging Friends! enjoy your day!!         jody

Monday, December 23, 2013

First thing on my list today...

was to up date blog..well that was a while ago. Grandbabe #1 is here with me today and he is on the road to recovery, full of energy today! it is -20 out so i think we will stay in and bake! i have been finishing up some Christmas preparations wrapping, mailing, decorating.. thought id share some pictures.

Vintage Salt and Pepper waiting to be placed,
altho i kinda like them group together like this...

sister Jana had me fix up some soaps for Steves clinic staff...

enjoy your day my blogging friends!               jody

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas preparations...

i did get a bit done while this little guy was here....
hes been diagnosed with pneumonia. so spent the day in the hospital getting
fluids and starting a Neutralizer Tx plan.

my son Jason has always suffered with Asthma
and boy does all this bring back memories....
when i was in labor with Jeff, Mark was down the hall in a hospital
room with Jason with a sever asthma attack...he was there for the birth tho!

Daughter Angie worked at the quilt shop on saturday so i thought
id share some pictures..

 i love this quilt....

she even had time to finish a couple of her projects,
so proud of her! never thought shed be a quilter...

Daughter Angela is going into work for a while today
Grandbabe #1 and i are going to hang out and maybe do some baking...

Jeff and Tonya sent a picture of their tree 

and sent this picture of Grandbabe #2...cute!

Hope all your Christmas preparations are going well and
you are enjoying the reason for the season!
Thank you for hanging in here with me my blogging friends!!
enjoy your day!                      jody

Thursday, December 12, 2013

You would Think...

that since i havent blogged in a week or so and that because i have been in the house because its been well below 0 outside that i would be all caught up and doing some stitching or punching .... not the case. i have such a mess here.
boxes of Christmas to go thru as i decorate. i want to get rid of what i dont need so have been selling the Christmas almost as soon as i list it and i still have lots to go thru and list.. oh well keeps me busy.
i also have Grandbabe #1 here with me today as he and his mum have been sick with the stomach flu all week, Angie had meetings monday night so tryed going in for those but was home in bed soon after she left.. i stayed til after 11 to make sure they both were sleeping well. poor guys.. she went in today but i doubt she will be there all day. Grandbabe just asked if Great Grandpa has any sprite so i am going to run fast over there and get one off the porch as i refuse to give them this awful achy flu! * Great Grandma Jean sent a couple Popsicles too!
here are some pictures from the last few days...

 sister Jana and I gave mom wine glasses a set of 8 from pier 1,
dads trying to hid from my camera.....

 i made up some toffee... love it in clear cellophane bags for gifts.

Daughter Angie works a few days a month doing pull tabs so
Grandbabe and i went to visit and eat! YUM!

then we went to a hockey game to watch brother Jims older son play hockey... this is Grandbabe and my brothers son who is the same age.

 then time for hot chocolate!

Sadie was here so Jeff/tonya could go visit in Duluth...

of course there is always things for Jeff to do..

Sadie was so glad they didnt forget about her...

 Enjoy your day my blog friends!!               jody