Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Road trip...

To take the kittys to get their teeth cleaned. they saw the carrier and ran! not happy campers and i dont blame them but..CindyGirl ended up having a tooth pulled, which i figured as she seemed to be having trouble after eating with a tooth on that side of her mouth. But for being 16 almost 17 their teeth weren't to bad!

we had a natural gas pipe explosion up this way, so have a gas and now propane shortage going on. sister Jana thought she'd conserve gas and cook on her wood stove! she also made a yummy looking turkey pot pie for Steve! altho in the oven!

My laptops turn now.. In getting cleaned up

Enjoy your weekend my blogging friends! Jody

Auntie Mary and Doodles are on their way home to the cold! Safe travels!!

Cobbler Night Postponed....

due to the extreme cold weather and those who are enjoying warmer weather! as in Auntie Mary and Cobbler Joyce who just Had to go visit her!! glad you guys enjoyed visiting in warmer weather! we will try next week maybe!

Grandbabe #1 got to have a brief introduction with his older pirate buddy the other night before the varsity game!

 Grand babe #2 with one of his b-day gifts!

My husband Marks sisters and brother are visiting their parents in Florida.
so nice they could all get together! and they all look so well! Glad you are all bonding and in warm weather!

They sent me this picture of Mark when he was a baby... sooo sweet!

Cindy Girl Friend and i went to our 1st and favorite church sale of the year on Sat. yep us die harts were standing in a short line (due to the cold) at 6:30 AM!
i took these thru the window! one huge community room and 6 smaller rooms! whoo hoo we had a blast of course and by 2pm (after going back for the 1/2 price sale..) the truck was full! we found things for us, our kids, grand pups, the shop and eBay. it was a fun day and i spent 66. not to bad! i have just about made it back already! gives us hope that spring and more sales are on the way!!

enjoy your day my blog friends!!                      jody

Friday, January 24, 2014

Its Funny How

27 above 0 can seem like a heat wave and make everything seem a bit more tolerable! Emma the Corgi has been in and out most the morning keeping watch over the back yard. Chasing the birds and bunnys away... nice big snowflakes coming down slowly... its a nice day!

i have been working on eBay... its amazing all the little things we collect isnt it?
love selling even the little things! at least someone is getting something they want and im recycling!

yesterday was a soup day... beer cheese for lunch

and tortellini meatball for later!

Grandbabe #1 has 5 hockey games this weekend starting between that and a little outing i have planned (6 am) tomorrow... it will be a busy weekend!
stay safe and warm,
enjoy your weekend my blog friends!!      jody

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another Good Day to....

do this! as its well below zero again today. i will be productive today tho and the fur babes can cuddle in and stay warm.

 Cindy girl has been helping me mend a couple quilts..

Grand kitty Emmy

Tonyas sister found this dresser and made it into her sink! i  love this!!

i found these and ordered daughter Angie and i each one...
goes with our tattoo!

This is Daughter Angie! with her new cup.

i found these books at a 2nd hand shop last week, might be a good day to check them out!

enjoy your day my blogging friends and stay warm!      jody

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Birthday!!...

Grandbabe #2! you are a big 6 year old now!! enjoy! we love you!!
i see you started celebrating last night! whoo hoo!

Corgi Help....  
video, press on corgi help...

im trying to get down load a video on here i took it on my phone and put it on youtube. any advice? is there another way? i will google it to and see what i come up with..

enjoy your day my blog friends!            jody

Monday, January 20, 2014

Cobbler Joyce...

Received an award and made the newspaper! Congratulations Joyce on being the First " Employee of the month " for 2014! you ARE a WONDERFUL NURSE!
and Cobbler too!!

i have still been doing some of this...

and mom had some of this waiting for me when i was done!

and then we woke up to more snow....

enjoy your day!              jody

Friday, January 17, 2014

Back Yard Pictures...& a Robin?

bunnys and kittys hiding place!

 Corgi tush!

 look at this poor robin... hes gotta a long cold few months yet
he should be in California with Auntie Mary!

enjoy your day!        Jody

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Staying in...

47 mile wind gusts....yuk
This picture was last night, calm before the storm..

Its a good think its not snowing much...

Enjoy your day my blog friends!! Jody

Ohhh Auntie Mary i bet ya miss this!! How bout another picture from california!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hockey Grandma...

This little guy has been very busy with hockey! and so has his mum!

 He is #4 and is a "Mite" this year..

Grandpups were here!

Yesterday was another full day of shoveling and we are expecting another blizzard tomorrow
Auntie Mary and Uncle Doodles are still having fun in the sun!

enjoy your day!                   jody