Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yum! and Fun!

yep the cobblers were here! great food! great friends and great show and tell! and i was even in bed by 10!! what a great group of friends!! lets start with desert first! made by auntie Mary!! yum!

i decided on a ravioli/sausage soup..

onion tart which was wonderfully delish!! also cut up
one of my garlic/chz breads and baked with cheese for a bit.. 
carol p brought crab dip/Parmesan toast, auntie Pat brought a wonderful
slaw and Carol f brought yummy brownies! and this was all left for me!!
i will share with daughter Angie! 
sister Jana made up a tote kit for a friend..

 Jana showed us a tote her daughter in law Heidi made.. 
carol p was knitting! 
carol p showing off an apron she bought from Heidi.. 
carol p and more.. 
and more... gosh her points were perfect!! and shes the one
who when we went to a retreat, she said she looked thru all her (change/money)
quarters and could find a fat quarter to bring!! she had no sewing experience!
 just a couple years ago... 
carol f and another wonderful wooly mat!
auntie pats been working on jean quilts! 

auntie Mary made a baby quilt for a couple who are into Harley's..
the next 9 quilts are made by auntie Mary for missions thru her church..
made with her scraps..must have a huge hole in her scraps now!! geez!
sorry about the picture quality.. will have to try my camera next time.. 



wow! thats it for this months get together!!
enjoy your day!             jody



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pretty winter days, and..

The cobblers are coming tonight so stop back tomorrow for show and tell!!

I have plenty of bread... Now for a soup!

Enjoy your day! Jody
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Monday, February 25, 2013

random picture monday...

Sister Jana made this table mat for me... love it!!
grandbabe #1 went to Florida for a wedding here he is with his cousins...
a sunburned back....and a purple Popsicle with great grandpa.. 
my friend Pam reminded me of a Japanese dish... katsudon! yum!
grandbabe #2 had a photo opp..future model? 

my birthday flowers are still beautiful! 
we have had a moose hanging around the area..... 
could she be any cuter?? I'm sure she didn't have any attention while
visiting in Duluth... 
Happy Birthday Jessica!
oh.. im still making bread but still havent tasted it! i guess the cobblers will
each be taking some home and will do the taste test!!
enjoy your day!!       jody

Friday, February 22, 2013

Crusty Bread! A new calling?

OMG!! is bread making finely going to me a new calling for me? i saw this over on Cathy's blog  so easy and fun! im learning of course to try instant yeast instead of regular, and unbleached flour instead of bleached... and maybe a tish less water.. each oven ect is different. anyway for my first loaf i am sooo excited. its a Cheddar chz with parsley and a tish of garlic. i plan on sending it to Duluth with Matt/Katie and babe (going to visit jay/jess) for Jessie's BIRTHDAY on Sunday... if i can resist cutting into it sense its my first loaf, i really should try taste test it...

sending Bran muffins too, i added nuts, mini choc chips and
a squirt of honey in a slit on the top when done!

thanx so much for stopping by and i want to say to some of my new blog followers
thanx so much, i have tried to send you a message so if you dont get it plz know that
im glad you stop by!!
enjoy your day!!         jody

Thursday, February 21, 2013

sun dogs and a quilt...

beautiful morning sky up here in the north..means a cold cold day....

daughter angie is working on another quilt!
 she was playing with different ways
to lay it out. .
i think i like this way the best..

sallygirl napping under my desk.. 
kittys on top my desk.. 
enjoy your day!          jody.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

after the storm...

no school today so guess who's staying with g-ma!! (school canceled today) yesterday i told him i couldn't get over to visit as my pick ups in a snow bank! he told me " but g-ma, you can run over..." yea g-ma will run right over thru the blizzard and all! so he brought milk and dog food with him and requested cream of broccoli soup for lunch! (i don't really drink milk so never have it on hand and about out of dog food...)
yep, butter on one half, peanut butter on the other..... boy what g-mas will do!

i will be out bonding with dads snowblower later ....
enjoy your day!            jody