Monday, October 17, 2022

Cobbler August Wednesday.. (long)

At auntie Mary's cabin in the woods!

Mary asked us to each bring something to dye..
both sister Jana and i forgot..

Joyce brought a set of white hankies
Carol brought wool! Carol P brought fabric

with Auntie Pat supervising..
we are ready to dye!

now we wait a bit, lets eat!
Carol P wanted hotdogs!
so we had hotdogs, salad and more..

after we ate, time to unwrap!
Carols wool!

Carol P's, Beautiful.
once the air hits them
 the green turns to blue

then Joyce's hankies..

uncle Doodles, hanging out..

we went on a quick pontoon ride,
Carol P must of found a pair of Marys 
grandbabes fun glasses

beautiful sunset..

time for dessert and Carol P 
finally gets to open her birthday gifts
nobody likes to open gifts more than Carol..

Carol also requested Marys
famous berry pie!

then a little show and tell..
Auntie Pat had finished a quilt top
using Minnesota shop hop fabric.

Auntie Marys making progress
on her afghan pattern.

Mary was getting ready for some vending
and showed us some of her goodies..
she really has been busy...

Ready to share SHIBORI
Japanese art form that will mesmerize your visual sense.
Remember staring at the clouds …
This blue and white one of a kind art form
will bring out the creative nature as you look at the many pieces.
Selling this Saturday 10-4:00 in Akeley Mn.

then time to go home.. Auntie Pat watched for deer.
lots out there as the sun went down.

Enjoy the fall days my blog friends..                     Jody
i think our fall days are over..
 only up to 30 degrees at noon today...



  1. so glad to see your post and all your wonderful things at your gathering. What a wonderful group of talented women in your family.

  2. Oh how I love that Shibori dyeing!!! Beautiful results.
    You Cobblers have the most fun get togethers!!!

  3. I've never done shibori dyeing and yours turned out beautifully.

  4. Thanks for creating this blog and helping others to learn