Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Cobbler shop hopping!

my ride is here!

First stop Oklee, Mn.
Heidi Janas Daughter in Law met us there!

ok done, and off to the next!

Carol was stitching on a new wool applique project!

about an 1 1/2 hours later, our next shop!
Blackduck, MN

sister is just so photogenic! 

i was a bit excited,
 i met someone working there that 
also was a rug hooker! whoo hoo!

a very nice shop! 
i feel like i need to go back
as i did alot of chatting and 
really never looked around much..
but enjoyed visiting with a fellow rug hooker!

next lunch! nice small town café!

next stop Bemidji, MN
Auntie Mary quickly found 
her sons skate board design in a window
they were closed so we couldn't go in and brag!

I forgot to take a picture but it is
Sadie Rae's quilt shop!

so 3 quilt shops today! was a good day! 
with great food, friends and fun!
  1 to go, it was in the opposite direction
so we will do the last one
 separately, another day!
sister Jana went with Carol P. on Monday.

then she went again Tuesday
 with Mary, mom and I!
daughter Angela met us there!

Mary ran into friends!

we visited 4 shops in our region
 so each got a mug, 3 fat quarters and a scissors!

i am making a baby quilt for my friends daughter 
who i recently made a quilt for their wedding!
they are expecting a girl
 soon after their first anniversary!!
i found some fabric! i need 
to order the pattern then i will be all set!
found out when cutting the fabric
 it was by the same designer
that the fabric was that i made their wedding quilt of!

enjoy your August days my blog friends!     jody



  1. Goodness Jody, you certainly had lots of fun, travelled several miles and probably spent most $ on gas. But was a fun-filled extravaganza. Kudos!

  2. what a wonderful day that was or two days!!! and to find a fellow rug hooker is just the best.

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