Friday, November 21, 2014


this time its clove spice, blueberry swirl, cherry/vanilla (my new favorite) and sweetpea!
 i'm almost done but maybe will make some more coffee soap today. i did also get Chia tea
scent cuz Cindy girlfriend loves chai tea....

sister Jana worked at the quilt shop so i went and had coffee with her... 

she was working on a 10 minute table runner that has been renamed a 2 hour table runner....

 a gal that we went to high school with stopped in with her mother
she was using this cool coffee cozy, sooo i had to take pictures and she also
has the pattern out! go here to see it!! it was fun to visit with you Carol and your mom!

stopped over at mom and dads, they were busy making bridge mix! 
a favorite around the holidays..

 and i just got this picture this am... this little guy isnt starting his winter out well...

enjoy your day my blog friends!           jody

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This and That...

Mom and Dad made some KLUB
im not sure if this is her exact recipe but this will give you and idea...
so anyway they invited sister Jana/Steve and I over for a klub supper! yum! and thanx mom and dad!

Grandbabe #1 turned 9 and had a swim party, grandbabe #2 was here too!

Grandbabe #3 and her new car! shes crawling all over now and pulling herself up
and standing! cant wait to see her soon!!

Sister Jana and her granddaughters!

i feel bad for my son Jeff he is a plumber and working out in the cold...

i sent him 2 Stanley thermoses to fill with coffee and soup...

my nephew is in Texas and just finished basic training..
got a kick out of this picture!! i bet not as cold as your use to tho!!

Enjoy your day my blog friends!!                  jody

Monday, November 17, 2014

Its a COLD & WINDY...

Monday morning so i think it will be another day of working on soap for me!
My Friend Dawn who opened a great lil coffee shop here in town..
called and wanted me to make some Coffee soap and it just so happened i had just gotten some
coffee scent in the mail.. so i stopped by her shoppe for some coffee beans and a pumpkin spice latte!

 so this is what i came up with for my "fresh brewed coffee" soap.
i do notice a chocolate under scent to this so i did order a couple others to try too.

so i just kept on going.....

time to cut and start drying...

im afraid im going to have to bring up my big drying rack if i keep going....
each of these shelves hold 27 bars and then i have been using my plastic coke
totes i got this summer....

hope you stay warm on this cold day and enjoy your day me blog friends!!         jody

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Annual Cobbler (Deer Hunting) Day!

So while the guys were out hunting us Cobblers know what to do!!
Carol P hosted this year and her home is always so inviting and colorful!

of course we had way to much great food for the 5 of us!! to funny!

 Carols fur babe Bell.. love this pup!

Carol P was showing off an apron she got

Carol F had wrapped up a Mary Engelbreit Calender so pretty..

 Carol P was getting ready to stitch!

Auntie Mary was busy sewing a quilt top to be donated..

 of course finished it...

then was busy helping Carol out with a computer problem.

Carol F aka "the wool queen" was as always busy with great projects!

and my beautiful sister Jana was busy starting a new project!

i actually did work on my punch-needle but forgot to take a picture...
so once again our yearly get together was a great day!!

enjoy your day my blog friends!!                           jody

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Im all ready....

for the snow to fly... actually yesterday we did see a bit of the white stuff. the only thing i didnt get done was painting my fence. but if the temps happen to get above 40 i still may get it done. so now its to get to the list of inside things.. soap making, ebay, checking in with all my blog friends....
Cindy and I are planning a thrift shop day next week, we are having garage sale withdrawals so hopefully we can find some thrift shop treasures..
i took emma to the vet on monday and her blood sugar had dropped to 102! from 500 something!! so we kept the insulin the same and will check her on monday again. im a little nervous hoping it doesnt drop more.. but am so thankful that it isnt in the 500-600s anymore.

lets go home now!
since its just me here at home i found i was waisting coffee in the morning so
bought my self a 1 cup coffee maker and am having fun with it!
Sister Jana and I needed to order new glasses so we dragged mom with to help us on the decision making! then it was time for lunch after all that stress! we should have had margaritas too!!

i took a few pictures at Timeless Treasures for facebook..
thought i would show you too! we will be closing soon for the winter...

this lil guy stopped by to visit and show me his new basket he came up with for his bike! too cute.. he also had me help him duck-tape a squeaker from a dog toy on the handle bars for a horn.. his birthday is on Monday maybe grandma should look into these things for him altho i think this is very inventive of him!

enjoy your day my blog friends and thanx for stopping by!              jody