Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Cobblers were here!

the cobblers were here last night.. they had to break in as me the Host was sleeping! i have been working on my kitchen floor and was all wore out! good thing the table was set and the food was cooking! i made Cream of Broccoli soup and meatball subs. the meatballs did get a bit over cooked but Carol p had brought some meatballs so it was all good! Carol F brought a yummy rhubarb desert and we celebrated my February Birthday! They spoiled me!

Auntie Pat made me a February dish towel and brought me some treasures
Carol P brought me some peanut m/ms in a cute lil jar
sister Jana made me a snippet basket
Carol made me a wool table runner and for Christmas she made us all
a wool pouch 

Carol P brought Carols Christmas gift as Carol wasn't here for the cobbler Christmas..

a wall hanging for her Birthday month!

the wool pouches Carol brought us..

Cousin Beth ( in California ) picked out the black one, thank goodness for technology!
gotta love these phones...
some show and tell!
Carol P had finished hand quilting on her quilt... she did a lovely job finishing this quilt!

and she finished a quilt she has been working on for ever she said!
her and sister Jana had taken a class on this quilt using paper piecing..
what a beautiful quilt!

discussing the binding for this table mat.

sister Jana had taken a class to make this bathing apron
to use when she is getting her grandbabes out of the bath..

and shes been busy making baby towels for her grandbabes

also she had made this quilt using the Moondance Pattern..

Auntie Mary has been in California for 2 months and will be home soon..
she sent these pictures to show the pouch she got from Carol and what she has been working on!

we had a nice time catching up! hopefully we will all be together in march!
Thank you my Cobblers for the wonderful birthday gifts!!

Enjoy your day my Blog Friends                                    Jody

Monday, February 23, 2015

Road Trip for...

Sister Jana, Carol P and Carol.. to the 2nd annual Creative Spirit Fiber Festival on Saturday. I didn't go with so sister Jana took some pictures to share.

 basket weaving..

 Rug hooking..

 soap making..

 sister Jana brought me a piece of soap...thank you sister you are so good to me!


 the cobblers took a class on making an arm scarf..


Carols cousin Bonnie was there vending and shes always fun to visit with!

it was a small get together and the girls had a fun day!

enjoy your day my blog friends!                       jody

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I love Fabric...

Sister Jana and daughter in law Heidi were working at the quilt shop so i went shopping...
This is the finished wonky star quilt sister Jana made for in the shop and will eventually go to her in laws...

They have kits for the quilt using layered cakes but i tend to like the darker fabric colors
so had a pile of fabric for Jana to cut...

 I came home with enough fabric to make 2 wonky star quilts and couldn't resist starting...

Heidi's babe, Jana's grandbabe was helping too...

Heidi was finishing up a cute lil hat for her babe..

we had a local restaurant reopen after a fire so Sister Jana/Steve, Carol P/Chuck and I went out to eat and check it out.. we went to school and are friends with Paul the owner.

Congratulations on your reopening Paul! we enjoyed our meals!
as you can tell i was craving...deep fried food! yum!!

Enjoy your day my blog friends                          Jody

** i see so many of my blog friends have been getting lots of snow.. be careful!
we haven't gotten much snow but we are having bone chilling below zero temps..

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Our Local Candy Shoppe!

we are so lucky to have Widmans Candy Shoppe in our town.. dad goes there every am for his paper and i use it alot for gift giving or to get a lil what is better than chocolate!? ( i love the white chocolate with sunflower seeds..) its a stop for all who come home to visit and George seems to know everyone and what they like. Congratulations George!!

soda fountain area...

treats for someone special....
a belated B-day gift for my Brother in law.. a box of Chippers ( chocolate covered potato chips )
and 3 turtles, for special valentine wishes..

Congratulations George, Lois and Family!!

Enjoy your day my blog friends.....                        jody 

** Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers..