Saturday, October 12, 2019

boy.. is it October?

it started like this..

and ended like this.. 

i walked over to mom and dads this morning 

somebody made a snowman! 

they had a busy house and i bet i know 
who made the snow man! 

Mara was busy handing out cookies!
(magnets from the fridge on a metal tray) 

sister Janas son Lukas, wife Heidi and babes were visiting! 

son Jeff/Tonya are in town for a wedding
so i got the babes and pups overnight!
we walked over to mom/dads 
and they spotted the snowman!

we had a nice visit! 

then sister Jana stopped over later to see the girls! 

jd was over a couple days ago to get the fish in.. 

i have been out in the snow trying to get the last 2..
got 1 but the other must be hibernating! 
sure cant find him..

the girls were checking out the fish in the basement..
they are old at least 10 years, the white ones
were someones babies one year.. 
i had plants in the pond and the eggs must of been safe!

Auntie Mary has been busy!
glad she got it done before the snow!
Beautiful Auntie!

enjoy your fall? days my blog friends!    jody

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Rainy Day Road Trip..

Yesterday Sister Jana and Carol P asked me to go on a short road trip!
we went to a couple quilt shops, out to eat and even a rummage sale!

so much water everywhere!
so far the beet harvest isn't happening.. 

we stopped at a quilt shop!

lots of fun sewing notions and such!
not alot of fabric but fun! 

the man was manning the shop this morning!
good thing for cell phones! the wife was only a 
phone call away! 

thank you sister and Carol for the souvenirs!

then we stopped at a nice lil town cafe called "Paula's"
Yummy grilled chicken salad!

after lunch we stopped at a sale in the old quilt shop building..
i didn't get a picture! but i spent 23.00! 
then off to a shop that is mainly Batiks..
Carol is a Batik Queen!

they do alot of wholesales and markets 

we had a nice few hours on a rainy day!
Thank You sister and Carol P!

enjoy your fall days my blog friends!     jody

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Last Night Cobblers at Janas

Last night we met at sister Janas to tie quilts! 

we ordered pizza and had salad, 
2 different dips with crackers & bread
yummy no bake cookies and raspberry chocolate treats
and of course wine!

jana had been on a road trip and
brought home lots of good seasonings! 

Auntie Pat was modeling an apron
she made using her late husbands shirt!

then it was time to tie quilts!
the first two were Auntie Pats,
this one is for her!
to cuddle up with in her recliner
this winter!

this one we tied upside down
because she used fleece
and we didn't want it to stretch.
its for her grandbabe.

then we tied Carol Ps two!
the first is a wool quilt that 
Carol, Jana and Mary are making!
Carols the first to finish!

this one is sisters,
she is working on the borders yet 

Carol had made this one from a jelly roll kit

 time for Pie!
Thank You Auntie Mary!
Peach Pie! Yum!

then a little show and tell!
Carol had taken a class on making 
this 3d effect using a book.
she said it took way to many patients!
and she took a class on the lil gnome type guy!
 she brought me a milk glass dish
(pin cushion idea?) she found it 
at a sale for .25!

sister Jana showed us the pouch 
her and Mary made last week at a class, 
and the sign her and Carol made at a class.

i also showed a Catherdal Window 
quilt i started like 20 years ago while in Japan...
and a new basket i had made.

Jana and Carol are making book marks
for a bible class they are taking 

and Carol brought me soap
she bought from a soap lady
who just opened a shop near by
Thank You Carol! 

as always we had great food, fun and friendship!
Thank you sister for Hosting the Cobblers!

enjoy your day my blog friends!        jody