Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sad and Scary Times

we are in a S.I.P. status
here in Minnesota, a good thing
and i hope & pray it helps..
instead of mom/dad having a 
revolving door, they have
a revolving window, talking with phones..
so hard not to give them all a hug.

Jessie is showing a cute baby bump! 
#8 grandbabe due in july!

Henry and Elizabeth.
Elizabeth just had her 6th b-day! 

Brodie just had his 9th b-day
we have a couple more coming up
and will have one big party soon!

mom and dads window!  

i stopped by and saw that sister Janas
grandbabes were by to visit!
thank you for  brightening up
Mara, Bennett and August!

The Cobblers have been busy!
Carol P sure is making progress on her quilt
she started at the lake! 

sister jana was busy yesterday at the lake
she had a charm pack and was putzin.. 

Carol sent this picture of this beautiful quilt!
love it Carol! 

Auntie Mary has been busy with her dish towels!
going to be fun shopping at her house in the woods/lake
come Christmas time!

its Auntie Pats Birthday today!
im hoping to drop off a couple scones!
i better get busy!
Happy Birthday Auntie! we love you!

Cobbler Joyce is busy..
stay safe Joyce! you are our favorite nurse!

My friend Stephanie @ 
has been busy too!  

Finished today!
love this Stephanie! welcome spring!

this is what i have still been working on..
something i dont have to think to much about and
just relax and stitch...
im almost done with the "noels"
nice to have on hand to
 throw in an envelope at Christmas.
i have one more style to go
"blessings" then will
have to come up with an everyday one..

im so thankful i have a few wool items i bought from
Susiedele.. wool pocket
 as she is stitching in Heaven now. 

stay safe my blog friends 
and enjoy your spring days...   jody

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Mom, Diamond Painting..

Mom has been busy with
diamond painting..
a few times i walk by and see the light shining
and know shes working on them.
i try not to scare her when i walk in
the porch and sneak a picture 
through the window!

she finished this for sister Jana
i think shes going to get it professionally framed 

she made this for me
thought the background was to dark
and hard to see the pitcher.
when i got it home and placed it, its perfect! 

i snuck this picture in
we went out for pizza for my birthday.
mom, dad and my Dennis.. 

mom made sister Jana and I each one of these
for our birthdays..
Janas father in law made the frames. 

here shes working on some kittys! 

this is her latest project
i took the picture today..

Enjoy Mom!
they are all beautiful! 

we have snow and high winds today..
Happy first day of spring
my blog friends and be careful out there!    jody

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Cobbler Cabin Retreat! (warning..long)

This weekend was our annual cabin retreat
at sister Jana's at the lake

Auntie Marys start on her pile.. 

Sister Jana had stitched a welcome
for us! 

what took you guys so long!? 

we all brought lots of food, projects
 and put on our comfy clothes!
now the fun starts! 

Heidi, Janas Daughter in law made
us Colorado bull dogs to start the fun!
she had brought this fun sewing 
motif glass for sister Jana!

we hung my finished cathedral window to gaze at..

then it was time to get busy!

Heidi was making a tote..
wanted some color input.

we had an eagle fly across the lake
and land in the tree right outside 
our window!

Auntie Mary was in California 
so brought me a belated
birthday gift!
her beautiful towels she dyed
and wonderful smelling candles!
and of course a humorous card on turning 60..
Thank You Auntie! 

Supper time! 
Thank you sister!

and more sewing fun!

Finished! Is perfect Heidi!
my project! 

Auntie Mary is bound and determined
to finish her quilt! 

we sewed til late then it was a bit of winding down..

up at the crack of dawn
 with the coffee brewing!
and of course a breakfast selection!
thank you Carol P the
breakfast bake was so good!

then right back to business!
sister Janas other daughter in law Tiffany
and neighbor Joette joined us too!

Joette crocheting.. 

Heidi's little girl is getting ready
to lose her first tooth! 
so Heidi made this cute lil tooth purse! 

Auntie Pat came too! 

gifts for the Hostess with the Mostess! 

Auntie Mary helping Tiffany
with some ideas to finish a project..

Heidi finished a quilt for her hubbies birthday!
Beautiful Heidi!
(her cousin quilted it) 

Auntie Marys quilt block.. 

we had beautiful sun
and lots of deer to watch
 through out the day! 

i won the first stash! 

Carol P helping Auntie Pat finish a stitchery

Heidi is right back to work on another quilt.. 

Carol P the Batik queen 
is starting a new quilt! 

and of course more food...

Auntie Mary brought us gifts from California!

Picture time!
missing Carol as she was
off bonding with her daughter!

i finished a Star quilt!
i will bind it with black 
and the backing will be black too.
i love primitive and black.. 

Tiff is a photographer
she was working on picture books
for her sons hockey team!
Thank you Tiff for all the great pictures 
you helped me with!
 (sure can tell what pictures she contributed..)

Supper time! 
thank you Mary and Joyce!

Heidi was leaving but finished the border on 
a quilt for her son first! 

Auntie Marys son makes these beautiful game boards..
this one personalized with their name and lake picture.

Tiff was starting a 
latch hook project for her daughter! 

Carol P busy with another block 
for her quilt. 

2nd block for Carol P!

Heidi couldn't wait for his birthday!
i think he loves it Heidi!

10:06 pm 

and a 3rd block for Carol P!

Sister Jana finished!

10:47 pm 
Auntie Mary is Finished!
it is beautiful and breath taking! 

11:24 pm
and we are done for the day!

Morning! lots of great left overs
and fresh brewed coffee and we are at it again! 

sister Janas t-shirt quilt she made for her son.

me bound and determined to finish another quilt top.. 

Tiff got a great start on her project!

Auntie Mary brought our 
Cobbler books shes made for us in the past
lots of great memories through the years! 

shes starting a new project she bought for
while in California. 

Carol P finished 4 beautiful blocks
what a great start on your quilt Carol P! 

i finished my 2nd star quilt top!
sewing motif fabrics! 
the binding and backing will
be the gray paisley..

shoot...time to go.

Tiff left before me and took this picture
on the way out on the winding road.. 

spotted these guys soon after
i got off the lake road.. 
it was a peaceful ride home to
think about the cobbler weekend.

thank you sister Jana 
and thank you Cobblers!
it was another wonderful get-together
with lots of Fun, Food and Friends!

enjoy your end of winter days my blog friends
and stay healthy..          jody