Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Cobbler weekend at sisters cabin! (long!)

I'm here! always love the road into the cabins..

Uncle Doodles (Doug) and Auntie Cobbler Marys 
home in the woods..

Cobbler Carols home in the woods 
is right behind Uncle Doodles!

Auntie Pats Cabin a wave hello away!

and around the corner, there is sister!

Carol P had gotten there just ahead of me!

There was a new wall hanging
this year, to welcome us!

I guess I wasn't the first one there!
our friend Marge joined us for a visit!
 and Heidi is here too! and already busy!
she brought her 3 week lil babe 
(Louis Wayne) Family name!
Marge is holding him!

Sister Jana had made tuna burgers and soup!
of course the munchies started showing up too!

Jana is showing Carol her 
hostess gifts!
Auntie Mary made us all Masks! Thank You!

And sister Jana made us all phone holders!
Thank You! great idea!

Mary is showing us her diamond dot paintings she 
did while in Arizona!

and Carol P is showing us her diamond dot!

Heidi is working on a tote for water bottles!
love the fabric, shape and nice side pockets!

Louis is loving all the activity!

Carol is working on a so cute wool applique!

Auntie Mary is working on a quilt
for a friend!

she also made this, so cute and functional 
iron mat / bag!!

I was just finishing up a quilt for
grandbabe Averys Birthday!

Figured i snap a couple pictures from above..
the ice is still on the lake, 
wont be much longer tho!

Marge was working on a lil weaving project!

This is something she is working on at home, 
she sent us the picture! she does great weaving
and makes great bagels too!

Carol P was working on another diamond dot picture!

The last Cobbler to arrive! Joyce!
We are all here! its probably been a year
since we have all been together!

Mom and Dad stopped by for a short visit!
Jana and I visited with dad, while mom ran in 
to say hi!

Carol brought her accuquilt!
and gave us a tutorial on how it works!
Thank You! she knew i had a project
and would need it!

Mary Made us supper Friday Night!
Shrimp Pasta and More! Yum!
We always have more than enough food
and munchies as we all go overboard bringing treats!

then time to relax!

Carol broke a couple bones in her foot!
Shoot! But it sure didn't slow her down!

Mary and Carol left as they live right down the road
and wanted to check in on their men!

Good morning Cobblers!
are we ready for a full Cobbler Day!?

Auntie Mary was weaving on a tree branch!
so cool!

Carol is working on another wool mat!
love it!

Joyce is working on a wool applique project!
going to be great!

More to eat! Carol P made a Breakfast bake! Yum!

Great Auntie Jodys time for baby snuggles!

busy Cobblers!

Carols taking a break and looking thru 
some of the many books/magazines we all brought!

Auntie Pats crocheting!

Sister Jana is working on a quilt for
the priest/friend at their church!

Little break in the porch! while some of the others 
went for a walk in the woods!

The cobblers on their walk checked out 
Auntie Marys lil gnome house!
the kiddos visit them all summer!

Heidi is now a cobbler!
 she made a star quilt!

and these are my projects!
thank you Carol!

Heidi is so fast and gets so much done!
now working on some wool projects
 for her kiddos!

Joyces turn!!

Carol P is starting a star quilt!
for herself!

Auntie is working on her quilt,
trying to figure out the best eyes 
for the elephants!

lots of baby time!

Cobbler Birthday time!!
Mary made us a Cake! 
and boy was it good!!
( I asked her how many 
boxes of cake mix she used... 
boy did i get a dirty look!
She bakes only from scratch! )

Carol P gave us each a quilt this year for our Birthdays!
and OMG she gave me her wool quilt!
love love love it Carol!
Thank You so very much!

more snuggles! 
sister Jana has had 2
 new grandbabes in March!

Carol P had some show and tell!

this is the back!

and oh my gosh Carol its beautiful!

It will be fun to see what she does with this panel!

Auntie Mary had finished
some mission quilt tops!
every year she makes and donates!

Heidi finished a quilt top she had been working on!
love it!!

and this is the baby quilt
 she had made for little Louis!
I had some show and tell gifts.
My friend Stephanie (met while in Japan)
had really spoiled me for my birthday!

sister Jana made this for me 
for me for my birthday!

Great Great Auntie Pat gets baby snuggles!
Pat was a nurse in the nursery and i think she 
was there when sister and i were born!
shes held many newborns!

We kept telling Carol to take a break
and put her foot up!

Game time!
we played left, right, center
for fat quarters.

Heidi won the first game! 
I won the 2nd game!

Its always important to get cobbler input!

Marys turn using the accuquilt!

Carol is still busy busy sewing!

Sister and Carol busy in the kitchen!
Carol made baked Ziti for supper!
I had brought a 7 layer salad 
and a Mexican dip/chips.
Joyce brought deviled eggs..
not sure what everyone brought...
yum yum yum!

Carol needed cobbler input!
looking great Carol!

A very productive Saturday for us cobblers
this lil guy has the right idea!

Good Sunday morning cobblers!

Joyce and Carol first to leave..

Carol was leaving next but
 finished her borders on her quilt first!
it is so you Carol!
lots of colors and of course batik fabric!

Auntie Mary stopped by after church..
for a cup of coffee!

I stayed to help clean up..
we left a nice clean cabin,
ready for the family!

My Birthday gifts from the Cobblers!
Thank You, Thank You Cobblers!

Auntie Pat gave me Grandma LuLus
light for above my sewing machine!
So love it! Thank You!

Cobblers spring retreat at sisters cabin!
Thank you, Thank you Sister Jana! 
always fun! food! and friendship!
Love you all!

Enjoy your March days my blog friends...    jody