Monday, January 4, 2021

Cobbler Christmas 2020

Cobbler Christmas 2021
 and Birthday Celebrations too!
 we met out at Auntie Marys home in the woods..
( have to worn you, long post!)

Im here!

sister Jana walking from her cabin in the woods..

Uncle Doodles here to welcome us!

Auntie had everything organized!

as we all started getting there
the food selection and the fun grew!

chicken wild rice soup and breads!


Carol rocken her mask!

and the chatter begins!

first Auntie Marys Birthday gifts! (Dec. 2nd)
Sister gave her a sports bottle/coffee gift cert.!

Carol made her a wool mat
signifying Doodles/Marys past stays in California.

Auntie Pat gave her a seasons greetings mug,
coffee, Christmas tree candle holder and warm socks
i gave her meat, cheese, crackers and wine!

Carol P gave her a black and white quilt!

Joyce made her a wind chime
from treasures from home

a couple belated gifts for Joyce!
(Oct. 27th)
Carol gave her a cool flower holder!

I gave her meat, cheese, crackers
and wine!

Uncle Doodles heading for quiet!
Cobbler Christmas!

Sister Janas gift First!
she made us each a lil pouch
she made with the pioneer woman's 
place mats!
also a fun box, 2 stackable containers
and binding clips!

next mine!

I had bought myself one of these stitchers trays
and thought they would like one so
Dennis did the hard work, i painted!

Then it was Carol Ps turn! 
she made us each pillow cases!
and Raspberry Jam!

mine made with recipe fabric!

and Carols turn!
she made us wool coasters!
she also made Dennis a set...
she never leaves him out!

then Joyce!
she made us her famous 
peanut brittle!

Auntie Mary made a book for each of us!!
love her Cobbler Books! Memories!

last but not least Auntie Pat
she gave us each an IOU
for cookies and cheese crackers
due when Mary gets back from
Arizona and we meet again!

we are each holding what we made..
what a fun time every year!

Jana showed and told a paper piece block she 
had made for Auntie Marys project..

i Showed a wool project I'm making for a friend
i replaced the barn for a school house as 
she is a teacher..

and 3 lil items Dennis gave me for Christmas,
I collect lil brooms, Christmas tree pins and love
vintage sewing..
hes a great gift giver! 

Auntie Mary had revised her sewing room so
we went up to the loft and left Auntie Pat, 
she thought we were having way to much fun up there! 

then it was time for sisters Birthday Celebration!
(January 2nd)

Carol P gave her a Quilt with memories
she had of sister helping her..
i know i have told you that Carol P was
told to bring a fat quarter to a retreat we did
and she said she looked through all her quarters (Coins)
and they were all the same!
she has come a long ways!

i gave her a stitchery, soap & chai tea 
as her sister gift and 
meat, cheese, crackers and Mogen  David!
as her cobbler gift!

Joyce gave her a bird feeder and food!

Carol made her a wool flower magnet!

Auntie Mary had a mug made for her, 
crocheted a cool scrubby wash cloth and 
a long handled shoe horn!

Auntie pat gave her a fish to give to her grandbabe named Jack 
that uncle Jack had made!
and seasons greetings mug, coffee & warm socks!

Dessert Time! we had 2 pies!
so of course we each had to have both!

Dang, time to leave..
Auntie Pat kept me company on the way home!
no wild life til we got to town and 3 deer ran across the road!

i took a picture of my stash when i got home..

of course kitty knew i had something good to eat!

sisters stash!

sister Jana was all settled in with her quilt from Carol P
and a new buttermilk basin book she'd gotten for Christmas!

i had an awful time with my picture taking, 
just couldn't get the lighting right..
but all and all i think i captured the fun!
thank you Cobblers! and Auntie Mary for hosting!
enjoy your January my blog friends 
and Happy New Year!
its got no place to go but UP!        jody