Wednesday, November 13, 2019

a lefse making afternoon..

which means a good photo opp!

roll it a bit then flip over and roll some more!
til its nice and thin! 

now dads in charge! 
and made plenty of faces while at it! 

this will make a perfect 
Christmas Card!

while dads putting one away, 
mom is bringing another.. 

towel, wax paper and lefse
til cooling then the wax paper comes out
and the towel/lefse goes in the porch!

now its....

a piece for the photographer!

and the watchful grandpup! 

now Clean Up.. 

love this.. look who shes looking at! 

it was a fun afternoon! 
thank you mom and dad!
its nice to have these pictures and videos 
for our kids to master lefse making like you two!

enjoy your day my blog friends!    jody

Monday, November 11, 2019

the guys hunt, cobblers play..

Cobbler Carol P hosts our annual November 
deer quilting/cobbler get together!

first hostess gifts for the
hostess with the mostess!

beautiful colorful trivet!

strawberry margaritas look great on it!

then a little show and tell..
im not sure of the actual story on this tool..
auntie Mary is on a short trip 
to Florida so i wont bother her
but..she worked for a Gastroenterologist
 it has a light and a magnet on the end!
it did come in handy tho as 
i kept losing my little wool pieces under the table!

Marys friend made her a seam ripper.
really nice and a keepsake for sure!

her son Todd Bratrud designed this 
for BumBag
hes using the loon from the lakes
as well as auntie marys lake colors in her market items

Carol offered us each a square from this fun panel!

sister Jana made a handy little mat for ironing

Bell, Carols 10 yr old Newfie
was our supervisor for the day!

then it was time for lunch!
soups, salads and more!

and settle in and bond!

Marys working on a quilt..and
sister Jana was working on a quilt for 
her youngest grandbabe!

Joyce had a couple projects she was 
getting started on.. 

Auntie Mary had made Joyce this
cute lil needle book years ago..

Carol P was busy binding a quilt

Carol was busy with her wool star! 

auntie Pat was busy knitting..

i was working on my wool mats 
i like to have on hand to add to
a Christmas card if need be!
i didnt get to use sister Jana new scissors 
for long tho! as i was cutting paper....

Auntie Mary had Tiffany (Janas Daughter in law)
take family pictures of her and uncle with the grandbabes
so Tiff stopped by to go over them
they are wonderful!

Auntie Mary and Auntie Pat, 
married to my moms brothers 

Carol had made this wool mat
for Auntie Pat!.. 

Auntie Pats been somewhat bored since her stroke
and not being able to be as active outside mostly
as she has in the past..
so Carol brought her a project!
she had started more wool mats for Pats children
but for Pat to finish!

Carol and Carol P were cutting
up a long black coat of Carol Ps..
Carols the wool queen of the bunch
and always teaching us something!

Bell took a break from all the supervising to 
lay in the nice cool snow fall! 

Auntie Pat found a football game! 

Carol ps upstairs is all hers now that 
the children are grown and on their own.
she has it set up so nice and fun! 

a couple more pictures from Carols.. 
she loves color and i love her chair!
i feature it in my blog every chance i get!

Carols quilt won a ribbon at the 
county fair this past summer!!

then it was time to leave..
til next time! 

thank you Carol P! we had the best time!
great fun, food and friends! love you and the cobblers!

enjoy your evening my blog friends!    jody