Thursday, June 13, 2019

Rainy Day Garden Party, Family & Friends!

i was asked by my friend Sheila if i would come sell my soaps/baskets at the green house in ADA, MN (about 40 min drive) its a lovely greenhouse!
 so i left early that day to go to my grandson Brodys ball game. as we were sitting there the weather started looken iffy..

It started pouring with wind and lightning! the game was canceled!
so i hung around a bit and stopped by the green house to say hi and bye, 
as it was still pouring out...
but Sheila grabbed me and said your not going anywhere
 you are setting up in the green house!

It's a nice fun greenhouse and they do lots of activities with the public

Son Jason and wife Jessica stopped by to help me unload.

here are a few pictures of vendors

then it was non stop customers, friends and family!
i had so much fun seeing mom/dad bond with old friends
this is Sheila and her dad..

this Lady Shirley use to own this green house
back when mom/dad had their greenhouse.
they use to get together with Shirley and her late husband, 
and talk "greenhouse stuff" 

Henry playing with my vendor neighbor!

this is Ashley, grandbabe Brodys mom and her lil one Kade.
i think he smelled every soap! 

grandbabe Brody and his lil brother Dane 
& a belated birthday gift from Grandma Jean/John.

i had a great selling day and lots of bonding!
thank you Sheila for inviting me & introducing me to 
so many of you nice friends!
i don't see alot of Sheila but she is a kindred spirit! 
and has really bonded with son Jason/Jessica and family!

enjoy your summer days my blog friends!             jody

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Soap Soap Soap

i have been working on soap for months! i took all kinds of pictures of each batch but somehow lost or deleted most of them! shoot!

a good 8 weeks of curing...

time to start cleaning... 

Approximately 105 batches / 840 bars of soap
 made, cured, cut, cleaned, wrapped and ready to go!

 now for flower pot soaps!
i stenciled on small Terra cotta pots..

ready to go!

Market Day!

Daughter Angela came to visit! 

Sister Jana and Carol too! 

it was a great first day of market! making months of prep worth it!
enjoy your summer days my blog friends!     jody