Friday, February 28, 2014

Thought I'd Start.....

a project or two... just for FUN! last night i was so cold so made some tea, grabbed a couple Japanese treats..not to sweet, just perfect! ( thank you Mary in Okinawa! ) and looked through a couple patterns i had gotten in the mail yesterday from Cathy over at ORANGE SINK! Well that led to more... got out a couple quilt kits, my rug hooking frame with a project on it and my punch needle. sooo here goes! lets get those creative juices going! not you guys.... me!

i was playing with more of my valentine flowers...

 Enjoy your weekend my blogging friends!!                          Jody

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Cobblers Were Here...

but due to the extreme cold and wind, Auntie Mary and Carol didn't come in from the lake. We missed you!! But i tried to take lots of pictures for you!

for the table i used...  Grandmas restaurant-ware dishes she had out the lake cabin which i use daily.
and the flowers i had gotten for valentines day from my children.
 i tried a couple new recipes..
Dill Pickle-Potato soup and Buffalo Chicken Sliders
Which, i would make again! YUM! Both past the Cobbler Test! and Daughter Angie,
who came to eat with us before going to play volleyball!

 Auntie Pat brought her famous pickled beets and i
get the left overs Carol!
 some show and tell!
sister Jana was finishing up on a table runner for a friend!

Joyce was binding her quilt shed made with her scrub tops from work..

Carol P showed off her grandbabes...

and her quilt top she just finished!! love it! great pattern and colors!

Auntie Pat looked thru some of my quit books id gotten from Stephanie and Mary...

and showed us her lates Jean Quilts!! shes said shes been sewing thru February..
Auntie Pat brought me this for my birthday...Thank You!

So as usual we had nice time with food fun and laughter! sure helps with the winter mood!
Thank You cobblers, i know the weather will be nice next time we meet! and we can all be together!!

Enjoy Your Day My Blogging Friends and Thank You for all your nice comments when you stop by!!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sister Jana Look....

what i came home with from Mom/Dads, you can borrow them if you want! maybe...
actually sister there are a set of 3 there for you too!
mom made these for my grandma many years ago.   thanx Mom!!

i thought this was such a nice picture of mom...

 My sister in law sent this picture of some cookies a co-worker made..
what a great idea huh!? so cute! little tag and all on them. i can see putting 2 together too...

enjoy your day!               jody

Cobblers are coming tonight! meal planned and table almost set!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some Show and Tell..

My friend Mary in Okinawa sent me yet another gift... Thank you so much Mary and STOP!

i WON the give away over at
Thank you so much Trace!! love it all!! Shes a sweet Blog friend so pop on
over and get to know her!

i was out of town to one of grandbabes hockey games and stopped at a thrift shoppe
i so love salt and pepper shakers but certainly dont need another collection... i did keep
the red cap ones as, i do have a collection... surprise! surprise!
and the wool was only 1.50 as they were getting ready for spring.

enjoy your day!!                           jody

Monday, February 24, 2014

Grannys Puppy Day Care...and a Birthday!

Sooo Friday, Oliver and Koa went home and Sadie came to stay a bit while Jeff/Tonya move into their house.
Emma gets along well with the small dogs but she sure doesn't like Oliver.. i think its his size. she actually didn't always get along with Sally Girl either..shes a cranky little corgi! Emma kept stealing Olivers Toy and Oliver stood and barked at her but that's as close as he would get.


Today is My Daughter in Law Jessicas Birthday! Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Jason sent me this picture ...they got 18 more inches of snow in Duluth.

they will be home soon for a baby shower, can't wait to see the baby belly! altho i do
get update pictures every week or so...

next post show and tell!
the Cobblers are coming on Wednesday, i have been planning the menu...

enjoy your day!               jody

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February Birthdays....

Last night i met with 3 of my high school friends, we all have our birthdays in February. Always fun to catch up, share pictures of children, grandchildren and our fur babies!
my friend Kathy sitting in front of me, is the cake maker. Besides teaching nursing students she makes all kinds of cakes! wedding, birthday etc... YUM! I did just have a piece for breakfast! perfect with that cup of coffee!

Becky sitting across from me brought this for me, she said she thought of me when she saw it.
 i already have a spot in mind...

I'm not a big pasta eater but for some reason it sounded so good and it was!
 Angel Hair Pasta with Salmon, Artichoke Hearts and Capers!

it was a nice night out and we drew names for our next year celebration!
we just may get together before then! ya never know....

enjoy your day my Blog friends! i will be by soon to check on all of you!         jody

oh! thought id tell you we are having a heat wave! must of been in the 30s yesterday
as major melting going on and today will be nice too, but back down to the below 0 mark after today...
yesterday i was leaving to run errends and here was Auntie Mary shoveling my ramp for me.. i was so
tired from all the shoveling the day before i just trampled thru the snow.. soo i made us Tea! thank you
Auntie! So nice to have you back here out of that awful California weather!      love you!

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Surprise in the Mail!!

I met Stephanie of  when we were both stationed in Japan with our active duty men, and so thankful for our long time friendship! She just introduced her FIRST QUILT BOOK!! and i found one in my mail box!! Thank You so much Stephanie and CONGRATULATIONS! it is wonderful and i'm reading thru it again today (after clearing more..snow) and cant wait to show the cobblers next week!


of course grandpup Koa wanted to go right to Abby, Stephanies pups page....

Grandbabe #1 had a three game hockey tournament on saturday and
was showing off his metal... soo proud and excited!

one of the other hockey moms took this yesterday at another game... cute cute!

Grandbabe #2 was busy swimming this weekend and his mom sent this picture!
he looks ready to go huh?!

enjoy your day!             jody

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Gift From Japan...

I met my friend Hisako when we were stationed in Japan and she sent me a wonderful homemade gift for my birthday.. she said she made if from old Japanese Kimonos. Kimonos are worn by Japanese woman and even some men for special occasions. altho some of the older Japanese people still wear them daily.

this is a picture of her 2 adorable grandbabes

this is a picture of a Japanese Woman wearing a Kimono

Grandbabe #2 had a little program at school and after we went out to celebrate!

i had to share this beautiful picture with you..
Grandbabe #2 has a little brother and i have never seen a better big brother!
he adores his baby brother! here they were getting ready for bed...

enjoy your weekend! oh and Happy Valentines Day!                  jody

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kitty? What Kitty?

i have been trying not to complain about the weather... 
at least not to these guys!
my favorite mail man Steve!

 Gareth, my friend Sandras wonderful son!

Grandbabe, fell fast asleep while reading before bed the other night
so peaceful after a busy day of school and hockey...

thank you all for your birthday wishes!

enjoy your day!!                     jody