Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cobblers at Carol P's house!

i have been so overwhelmingly busy lately that i asked Carol P if she would host the monthly Cobbler get-together for June, thank you Carol P!
first of course is the food! Pizza, meat & cheese, avocado dip & chips, bean dip & chips, fresh strawberries and Auntie Mary's frozen banana dessert!

Carol & Husband Chuck had just got back from California so we got to hear all the details!

she brought us cobblers thimbles and key chains! Thank You Carol P!

then she had a show & tell!
she showed us a quilt she had started when we had gotten together out at sisters cabin.

 the back!

Carol loves color! especially orange!

her pup Bell who is 7 1/2 kept an eye on us!
she loves to lay on the kitchen floor!
so after we ate that's where she stayed!

then we headed outside for a bit!
Auntie Mary always keeps us laughing!

 Carol has a beautiful yard and i sure didn't take many pictures of it!
once i sat down i guess i was done for! relaxed and then tired!!
i will have to go back up to her house a snap a few pictures!

Carol had found this cute lil own and we are wondering if it could be a pie bird?
does anyone know?

Thank You Carol P we had a great time with you at your beautiful colorful home!!

enjoy your days my blog friends! next post update on Dad!                     Jody