Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good tuesday morning..

Im having laptop issues...geez.
Im showing a picture of the picnic basket which had the other basket in it, from my sale finds on sat. I had so much stuff piled on and around it it was hard to see. I love picnic baskets... # 1 grandbabe, angie, me, mom and dad all met out at jana/steves lake cabin ( it was moms, parents cabin so she spent lots of time growing up out there ) we swam, went for a pontune ride and steve grilled a yummy supper! A great day and grandbabe was sound asleep the minute we hit the road home..

Oh i bought these timer lights at ben franklin love them! Told jana i need more!
Love the latch!

Enjoy your day! Jody

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

garage sale finds & angela..

yesterday sister jana and i stopped at a few sales.... these are most of my finds. had fun and jana even came home with a few things!

my daughter angela works for city hall and they participated in a city function called "water wars", one team against another to get the barrel to the other side using fire truck hose. such fun! i thought for sure the girls would get blown away as the hose and water were so powerful! (shes the 2nd one holding the hose) they had some fun things for the children to do and my nephew aj worked the grill where the football team served grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and porkchops yum!

the children watching their moms...

enjoy your weekend!                   jody

Thursday, July 26, 2012

it was a fun night....

the cobblers were here and it was a fun night! i have a few pictures to prove it!

 auntie mary with her blog give away!

auntie mary working on another part of her wool applique quilt.... going to be beautiful!                    

auntie mary showing us her independence quilt                                                                              

carol and her wool work                                                                                                                          

carol p and her deer quilt , her and mary finished binding it last night.                                                       

                      enjoy your day!                         jody

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

and the winner is.....

actually i have 2 winners....

i  put auntie mary in on the drawing because she is such a faithful follower and commented on my blog that her favorite thing she has made is her independence quilt ( i wonder if i can get my name on the back to get someday...) i need to get a picture of it as it is just beautiful like all her work. anyway of course that was the name mom and dad drew! ( too funny ) but.. since auntie mary is right here near me, i really wanted the give away to go to blogland soooo i will make up something special and similar to the give away for auntie mary and i will get a picture of her with it tonight. which means .... the winner of my 50 follower give away is.............
KIM! of MILLIES MATS!!! her comment of one of her favorite things was a rug she had hooked for a special friend with cancer. what a great gift for a special friend kim! and congratulations kim! thanx so much for following my blog!

this picture is my dad trying to hide the names when i got up to get Advil, but i was right behind him.. always up to something my dad!
i have the cobblestone quilters coming tonight and its been sooo hot here so i am not turning on the oven sooo i am serving an open-faced chicken avocado burger and a wonderful salad with romaine lettuce, swiss chz,cashews, dried cranberries, apples, pears and a wonderful poppy seed lemon drsg. its called a winter salad! maybe it'll cool us off a bit! so i will be back hopefully tomorrow with some show and tell!

thank you all so much my blog followers, for your great comments and great support of my blog! i appreciate you all so much and so enjoy this blog! its nice to know others that love the different crafts, dishes, animals, garden, cooking, family, friends........ enjoy your day!       jody

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

one more day!!

I'm so excited! was going to wait and draw a name for the give away when the cobblestone gals are here tomorrow night.... know i cant wait that long soooo will be ready in the morning! next give away i wont make it so long, 2 weeks is just to hard to wait! sooo if you stop by and want to be in the give away, become a follower and comment on one of your favorite items you've made. if you are a follower be sure and comment! its been fun reading the comments!! a picture to show that i have been still trying to finish, finish my wall hanging b/4 tomorrow night, so i will have a show and tell when the cobblers are here. i decided to hand quilt in the patched squares. i think it will be primitive... i tried to get the fabrics as pulled as i could but i don't use a hoop so i think that has something to do with some wrinkling, maybe some ironing will help.

enjoy your day!                           jody

Monday, July 23, 2012

a gentle reminder in the clouds....

i just wanted to say i am sorry and thinking about all you out there who have sadness to deal with..
up until last year my family had been relatively happy and healthy, mom got thru breast cancer and dad very bad bleeding ulcers.. and then last year losing my husband and sister was really a wake up call for all of us... i tell my children we now can feel empathy for others and we will be better people for it. there just seems to be so many people  going thru so many different things of their own. my sisters daughter in law took this picture and it just makes smile, think and know that we are not alone...
enjoy your day what ever you are doing...          jody 

Friday, July 20, 2012

ok...i will admit it.

i do really like dishes... its been way to warm to be outside for long and so i started cleaning in the back porch as i need to finish painting in there. i found dishes... lots of dishes, i mean..what else are cupboards for but to hold dishes?  thought id show you a couple sets before i pack them up to go to the shop. its time....keep in mind these are only from the back porch... not the front porch or the balcony or the den or....

           enjoy your day and stay cool!            jody

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a toasty tuesday...

still hot and humid here, i just finished watering the back lawn and gardens. boy could we use some rain huh? and the rest of the week is suppose to be hotter...i didnt have any finish, finished projects to show you but wanted to check in, so im showing my planter collection. actually i think i have enough to put all green planters in there now... this cupboard sits in my back porch. it was a curb find a few years ago if you can believe it! alls i saw, was wheels and started digging ...

been puttsen (sp)... like the green better, i think...

                      enjoy your day!                jody

Saturday, July 14, 2012

a finished project...

now to finish finish it! but i couldn't wait to show you and hang in in the garden, its still there...
now i just need to back it and bind it. the pattern is an Emily's country cottage called flower patch.
mom and jana had given me the kit for my birthday.

a picture of a few things i got at a sale yesterday. it will probley all go to the shop except the soap dish. it has my father in laws initials so i may send it to him with a piece of soap. the candy? dish is so pretty, i had to show you some of the detail on it. the little mouse i think is for receipts..its really cute but then again i think mice are cute...

yesterday we had 4 generations that went to the movie, ice age 3... mom, me, angie and grandbabe #1, jana and her grandbabe #1. it was his 1st movie with grandma and he really seemed to enjoy it! and the popcorn!

 to my followers and any new followers...dont forget to leave a comment and tell me one of your favorite things you have made and you will be entered in the give away!

                    enjoy your day!                     jody

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thursday pickens,

Yesterday i went to pick some rasberries.... dad and i had gotten an icecream pail full from His little patch on tuesday. I think ill make jam...

 Last night i went to watch grand babe#2 show his calf, he did a great job with blackie!

Im so excited with the give away and love reading the posts on your favorite thing you have made! Auntie mary whats your favorite you have made? ( i see you did answer! i love all your quilts! especially the one you made and gave to me!)

Enjoy your day my blogging friends!          Jody

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

50 followers give away!

oh my gosh i am so excited! i have 50 followers so i think its time for a give away! ok....alls ya have to do is be a follower and write a comment telling me what is your favorite thing you have made... thats a hard one for me, how bout... one of your favorite things you've made.. ok a bit easier for me anyway. i think its the memory quilt that we made for my parents 50th because it has so much meaning for mom and dad. soo lets see, i will pick a winner of my blog give away july 25th! oh and if you put my give away addy on your blog, tell me and i will enter you in again! thanx sooo much for following my blog even tho i feel like i dont have much crafting to show these days! i love reading and catching up on my fellow bloggers and for all the inspiration you all give me! this is what you will win, a pantry basket made by me and a few goodies tucked inside, including a couple bars of soap of course! good luck my blogging friends! ( any new followers are welcome to join in too!)

sadies visiting for a bit but i think she misses jeff and tonya....
baby dove is a big baby dove already and mom and dad are acting like they want more little ones.........

enjoy your day!         jody

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday again...

Boy its been a few days ...
My sister and husband were on a road trip so # 1 grand babe and i spent a couple days out the lake, he was in the water constanty! We took the little paddle boat out and did some bonding with cousins too.
Angie, i and the 2 little ones drove to fargo and had supper with jason, jeff and tonya as they were there moving jeff/tonya from duluth. They will be 11/2 hour drive now instead of 4. Jeff/ tonya will go help jas/jess move from mlps to duluth in a couple weeks.. Good thing they are young! And jas/ jess will be 4 hours away instead of 6 ish. Ok chatted enough here are some pictures.
Sally was in the pantry....


Baby dove 2 weeks old today.

Baby fell out of nest.

Morning sunlight...

Enjoy your day! Jody
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