Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Day!

i didn't do much decorating this year so added a few pictures from last year..
sister Jana left these cookies on moms porch for me this morning so will share with
daughter Angie and grandbabe #1 later tonight. thank you sister Jana!!

my friend Shelly made me allot of my Halloween decorations.. love this one!

 she made the ones on the wreath too..

daughter Angie made this for me... too cute!

 Daughter Angie made when she was young, we were home visiting
from Japan and she had gone to school with Janas son..

 Auntie Mary made the quilt in the middle and i made the other too.
i love love fall colors..!
 i made this one year..

 and these lil ones were fun to stitch up and give away!

i never stop looking for these vintage candles at sales!
sister Jana stitched and framed this for me!

i just got this picture of grandbabe #3..

grandbabe #2 and his brother at a school party!

Grandbabe #1 will be over tonight!!!

Enjoy your spooky day my blog friends!!                                   jody

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cobblers at Sister Janas!

for another fun filled night! i even honestly slept in till...9am! they kept me up well past my bedtime! here are a few pictures starting with food!

Carol P had some show & tell..
she got this cute lil crochet dress at the church fall festival.

and some pillow cases she finished..

Carol finished a couple more wool applique projects..

she brought us each a bag from Ikea, mines going in the truck!
its perfect for treasure hunting!!

and she brought me a nice big piece of the most beautiful wool!
oh the ideas......

sister Jana gave us each a note pad from Country Threads.

 Jana & Steve inherited this beautiful rocker from Steves side...

Jana had bought this while on their road trip to country threads,
carol p couldn't make up her mind on which to buy so sister bought it! 
shes drying flowers from Nicks wedding she had sitting in it..

Auntie Mary got new glasses! love them Auntie!

Cobbler Joyce had a birthday on Monday.. Happy Birthday Joyce!

Time for a little work!
Carol P made this, we did some tying and she was going to 
do some hand stitching too, its huge! and beautiful!

This is also made by Carol P and is for a graduation gift! love this too..

Cobbler Beth was home for a visit and whipped this t-shirt quilt up for her sister in laws
birthday its from the college she graduated from and on the back some were added from
the schools shes worked at.. auntie Pat will be finishing it for Sharons nov. 3 Birthday!
shes going to love this!!

and then time for dessert! Auntie Mary, we need the recipe!
its a pumpkin/toffee cheese cake with caramel sauce....
it was hard not to sneak a piece for breakfast..what was i thinking!

Enjoy your day my blogging friends!!                           jody

Monday, October 27, 2014

Another Monday...Another G-babe!

We have had really nice weather the last week so i have been busy busy outside and stiff to prove it!
its cooler today 43 degrees.. still have some things to finish up but got side tracked taking Emma to the vet. her blood sugar came down from 672 to 506 whoo hoo! altho mom and i noticed last week that she wasn't seeing well and so her Dr. checked her eyes and shes almost blind :( but is functioning very well. she actually gain a bit of weight.. less than a lb but glad she has some of her appetite back.
i hope we are on the road to stabilizing her blood sugar!

 i bought a sprayer so will give it a try...

sister Jana and I ordered some punch needle from Country Threads...
these are Janas..

she also has finished a couple projects.. Auntie mary gave her the kitty punch needle
Jana finished her watermelon one and put them both on  boards she got from
country threads...

 These are the ones i got...

Sister Jana and Husband Steve are once again proud grandparents 
to their 2nd lil girl in the last few months!! so this is grandbabe #3
for them! They have 4 grown boys and one grandson so i know will enjoy these little girls too!

Proud mommy and daddy... Luke and Heidi

i love asian food... well i actually like just about anything..
we made lots of friends in the military and ate lots of different foods..
i made this the other night and put some Kim-chi sauce on it..

Enjoy your day my blog friends! the first rainy/snowy day i will make some tea
and catch up with you all!!                       jody

**the cobblers are meeting at Janas house to tie quilts on wednesday!!