Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday Catch up..

 i made daughter Angie, daughter in laws Jessica & Tonya..tomato buckets for mothers day!
if they enjoy cherry tomatoes this summer i will replace the tomatoes next year!

 Daughter Angela has a nest on her fence..
love how fast these nests appear!
those robins have it down to a science!

 i was walking through the alley
and there was mom playing in her garden!

 i had help the other day with my soap!
thank you guys!! mom, auntie Norma, Jana and Taylor!

 sister Jana and Daughter in law Taylor!

grandbabe Jayden came to put the fish in the pond! Thank You JD!!

i went and had grandma time yesterday!

 enjoy your day my blog friends!!                   jody

Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday tidbits

I'm still cleaning and getting soap ready to wrap, but gotta take pictures as i go...

i have been trying to list on eBay.. my goal at least one item a day.
you can get to my eBay listings by clicking on my house picture on my sidebar.

went to a few garage sales last Thursday, one of the best parts of summer for me!
this was a cute sign!

love this country church weather vain

i was putsen in the yard Saturday am and look who kept me company,
she has been here the last few years.. i had read somewhere that robins
will come back to their nests each year.
my son/grandson went fishing and look what Brody caught!!!
look close at the fishes mouth! how cool is that! a once in a life time catch maybe!

i was sitting on my back step this am after my walk,
 and look who came through the hole in the fence...
she did go check out the pond i got filled and going on Saturday..

enjoy your day my blog friends!            jody

Thursday, May 4, 2017

a surprise in the porch..

My friend Mary.. sent me some wool! love it!! 
what a nice surprise Mary!! you are so thoughtful!! thank you!!

she sent me a picture a while ago on what shes been working on..
(probabley going to be embarrassed she hadn't trimmed it up but, we hookers understand!)
the baskets i made for here many years ago before
they left Rapid City, SD for Okinawa.. we then retired here to Mn.

love this Mary!!

I have been cleaning soap.. getting ready to wrap! 
the farmers market is coming fast! May 27th is the first day!

 we have some really nice lil places to visit not far from here.
when i was young this was a popular place for teenagers to hang out.
now i visit for a different reason, peaceful and beautiful!

we had a group of Pelicans stop by on our river the other day!
word traveled fast! but boy were they skiddish! hard to get a picture.
mom and i were sitting in her kitchen (she saw these coming through her window)
and she said run to the front! what are those flying over?
we are lucky enough to have the river front/back and sides of us!
i knew they were big and didn't see the front of them.. thought maybe swans but i knew swans
didn't have black on their wings.. drove me crazy til i heard that pelicans were visiting!

today, the first few steps of my walk i looked up and saw these in the tree across the river right behind my grandparents house.. where dad grew up!
* i sent a picture to my kids saying.. without binoculars i would say these are turkey vultures. i had been watching a group of them soaring over the river the last few days..
i love nature!

enjoy your day my blog friends!              jody

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Happy 79th Birthday Dad!

 So last Friday the 27th was Dads 79th Birthday and he spent in Fargo, Nd at Drs. Appointments..

while sitting in the waiting room we had some show & tell..
this lady said she was having great luck selling her dish cloths at craft sales and i believe she could sell just about anything! mom embroiders also so enjoyed chatting a bit with her.

mom and i kept busy with her kindle and my needle punch..

by late afternoon Dad was on his last appointment!

not the best way to spend his Birthday altho he was so happy to be there and finely getting some answers!
the Dr and his Nurse came in with a PLAN!! they said this surgery was developed for people like dad, who couldn't tolerate the open heart surgery due to lungs and kidney function.
they are doing a Transcatheter aortic valve replacement. Dad should be able to come home after a couple days!

after a not as long as in the morning drive home it was time for birthday cake!  
Here is my Brother Jim and his 2 boys with Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad! Love You!

enjoy your day my blog friends!                   Jody