Monday, January 28, 2019

More Snow, but..

getting somethings done i have been wanting to do for along time..
but first today, snow-blowing. now to play!

i have been wanting cozys for my gripper frames..
would rather buy and i did special order one from 
for one of my frames but thought i should be able to tackle them!
i didn't have a pattern and couldn't find one. so came up with my own and still
think it would have been easier to buy them!
 if anyone has a secret on how to make these please share!
 mine came out ok. i tried 2 different ways, they are a little big i think.

i tend to be kind of a if there is a pattern out there or a secret on how to make them i probably would try again.

***just checked mail and received this today already! bought on the 25th! wow! fast! and i can see not i made mine to wide for one thing.. cant wait to try it on my frame tonight! its for the gripper frame i added the lap app accessory.

i also wanted a lap app but really wanted to incorporate one on to my hooking frame.
Dennis came up with the Velcro idea
 and i must say it works perfect and cant wait to do some stitching tonight!

i still want to add a sheet of sandpaper to the main board
for whatever.. 

i made a cover to help with ironing 

i liked this fabric cover..

and Dennis liked this! so will use this one
come spring! 

i have also been on a needle kick (next week i need to get busy with soap!)
anyway i am working with one strand of floss and like the size 10
embroidery needle but i cant find them except in assortments
i don't want assorted! i want size 10, i also have trouble with
the needle bending so researched a bit and thought id give these a try
(hopefully tonight!) anyone have a needle they especially like?
oh and i did order readers (4 strength) as cant find those anywhere either
i have been keeping etsy sellers busy!

thats my show and tell today!

enjoy your wintery days my blog friends!            jody

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Cold and Blistery day today..

so thought id do a post of a summer (June)
 cobbler get together!
i have loved this drive in 
to the family cabins since i was a little girl...

Im here Auntie Mary! 

first she had these addicting cheese crisps 
and more waiting for us! 

we hung out a bit and some show and tell! 

Mary was showing us some market products 
she was working on! 

Carol P, Mary and Jana are working on a quilt
Carol was showing off her latest block! 

and then she had a couple quilt tops she had finished! 

Uncle Doodles was getting the pontoon ready for us! 

while we visited...  

Carols coming with the wine! 

Auntie Mary has the table all ready! 

of course lots of great food! 

here we go! 

Uncle Doodles held the cabin down for us! 

pie for dessert!
it was a normal cobbler get together 
of Fun, Food and Friendship! 

Stay warm my blog friends!     Jody

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Back yard winter...

Dennis contributed the next 2..

on a warmer note... Auntie Mary & Doodles 
are in sunny California for the month!
Enjoy and send some sun!

enjoy your days my blog friends!         jody