Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cobblers at the lake!

I'm here!

sister Jana is making Colorado Bulldogs.. 
don't mind if i do!

the Cobblers are busy visiting and getting our meal together..

uncle Doodles (Doug) is relaxing out on the deck!

Smile Cobblers!
Auntie Pat had total knee replacement! 
so wasn't with us..
hope you are with us in August Auntie Pat!! 

Auntie Marys table was beautiful

 and the meal was perfect!
Philadelphia cheese steak hoagies and a summer salad!

then we walked next door to Carols house
 to see her new sewing room in the works!!

time for a deck boat ride!!

way to relaxing! 

time to head in... 

Come in for dessert Cobblers!

Jana brought fruit and Carol a frozen pie dessert 

i had brought the Cobblers a souvenir from my camping trip :)
(up the north shore Duluth, Mn)

Carol P has been busy!

Auntie Mary made a Book for her grandson with the last page dedicated
Uncle Jack who passed away last summer...

Auntie Mary had replaced her coffee table with an old trunk 
full of childhood treasures...

Auntie Mary as a young babe! 

a few pictures from their home in the woods by the lake!

this Grandfathers Clock
 was in the living room at grandma/pas house (my home now)

they had found a slide and were wondering who grandpa was holding..
me! i was born in 1960!

wow! we packed alot into a few hours! 
it was a wonderful Cobbler gathering at the lake! 
thank you Auntie Mary!! 

Enjoy your summer days my blog friends!                  jody

Friday, July 21, 2017

Mom and Dad update!

its been a long haul for Dad (mom too!)
a few hospital stays..
his heart valve replacement
more hospital stays.. 
Most recently...
due to excess fluid. 
His kidneys just could not
keep up sooo 
Dad has Kidney Dialysis 3x a week...its about a 50 mile round trip and takes a good 3 1/2 hours..
Sister Jana and I have been trying to help with the chauffeuring.  Mom could use some time to its been a long haul for her too. today mom took her crocheting and a lawn chair with her and was planning on sitting outside in the sun. the temp is in the 90s now so im hoping shes sitting inside with some air! Dad is on a waiting list here in town which will be great as its 3 city blocks from our homes! dads been feeling better FINALLY! this last week, that he could probably drive himself!! im hoping that his body and mind are adjusting to this way of life, we are thankful for the medical world and what is able to be done.

i caught these two out walking a couple weeks ago..

enjoy your summer days my blog friends!                            jody