Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy few Days.. and a give away!

gosh what a busy weekend! Daughter Angie got home fine from her week long in the cities.. and im off dog duty! Didnt mind at all but it does feel good to be home and today will be catch up day!
Saturday the 27th was Dads 75th Birthday!! Happy 75 DAD!! YUM!!

Cindy girlfriend and i got up early and traveled to a sale! Fun! filled the back
seat of the pick-up and part of the back end!
look at her wonderful 5.00 treasure thats going in her dining room!
she always spots the coolest things!! 

Cindy/Dennis have 3 pet turtles, besides 
a pup and birds.. she rescued this one from
the humane society.. i think this is maxine...

my favorite .20 cent find!! whoo hoo!! 

i picked this bedding up for daughter Angie, jcpennys brand for 20.

it looks great with her bedroom set that mom and dad
gave her since shes the only grand-daughter..
it was my dads sisters.. she also has a tall dresser. 

The ice was going thru when Cindy and I were leaving town
this is right up the street from our houses. it goes around in a horse
shoe shape and we have this behind us too, we can look out the bedroom windows and watch it...look how close to the top of the dike...

Daughter Angies friends thru her a

DIL Jessica came from Duluth,
Tonya and Katie.. love these girls...

Jason was busy in Duluth and
actually Janas other son Luke and wife Heidi were in there with him!
(sorry Jas had to put this picture on here!!)

Son Jeff and friends teachen the little ones how to play pool! 

Janas son Nick who just turned 21, stopped by to wish
Angie happy b-day!

And look Who G-Ma had for the night!
these two lil MUNCHKINS!!

Sister Jana/Steves son AJ and Girlfriend Kennedy
at their JR. Prom! (she wore a vintage dress)

Just got this picture of Ethan ( late sister Joans son ) 
and AJ, sister Janas son, at prom with their dates!
great picture!

Sunday guess who went to the circus! i told them to look
out for tigers and look at this next picture! 

Tonya sent this picture last night and i think
the weekend wore Sadie girl out!!
This is the way i felt too after a busy but really
nice weekend! Now to catch up!!

Check out the give away over at Harvest Moon!! i will be putting
in on my side bar right after im done here but here is her link!!

Enjoy your day!            jody

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cobbler show and tell

we got alot done last night, i even left early 11pm cuz had to get the fur-babes all settled for the night. not sure what time the gals finished up for the night. When i got there at 6 a few early birds were working on one of auntie Pats jean quilts.. so here are a few pictures from our night!
never a lack of food.. pizza, salad, wonderful refried bean/chicken dip, chips
brownies.. and wonderful rolls that Carol worked really hard on! 
Auntie Mary and Auntie Pat make quilts for the graduates
in the family! this is for my late sisters son Ethan who graduates this year! 
Auntie Mary made the quilt top and Auntie Pat i believe
will finish it off. i think they switch every year. Jana and I
even got one when we graduated so they have been doing this for years!
Sister Jana showed us the border she sewed on her
paper pieced quilt!
Worken hard on another one of Pats quilts... 
Carol F made this for a nephews little one!
Time for show/tell and a food break!
Of course Carol F had some wool applique to show us!!

Auntie Mary is almost done with her applique blocks! 
Mary also made this table mat, she put that pot holder
stuff in the middle and will use it on her table for
hot foods! great pattern and fabrics!
Carol P made this for her niece who graduates, also
great pattern and fabrics!! I think she had said she got
the fabrics at Country Threads. ( love that shop, and gals! )
Carol P also made this a bit ago for a fund raiser
for cancer familys in honor of her late niece!
And this was when i left! so we had a very productive evening!
thanx for being a great hostist with the mostist sister Jana!
Enjoy your day!        jody


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The last Wednesday of the Month!

and i forgot! tonight is cobbler night! I think my mind has gone to the dogs... thank goodness Carol P e-mailed us and said she was making/bringing a wonderful desert! I wonder if they would have called if i didn't show up! Ha!.. tonight we meet at sister Janas to tie quilts!
Yesterday i got treasures in the mail from Debbie at barefoot primitives. i won her give away! whoo hoo my first blog win!! love it all Debbie thanx so much!!

working on soap with supervision! 
found good things in daughter Angies fridge! 
Oliver still watching for Angie!
looking out the window above the sink... 
The Moose is still hanging around town.. laying in someones yard! So sweet!
the DNR is keeping track of him and figure he is young and misses his mom. 
Enjoy your day!!        Jody

Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22nd, 1983...

Our sweet little baby girl was born!
Today she turned 30!! at exactly 6am!
She gets to spend her birthday week in minneapolis, for some work meetings..
it will go fast and you will soon be home!!

I'm taking good care of her  fur babes altho..
they are waiting for her to come home!
and g-babe #1 is bonding with his daddy!

enjoy your day!           Jody

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Hello..

First of all it is pouring rain here and suppose to snow too... Daughter Angela is on her way to the cities for a week of training so i have dog duty! Safe travels my baby doll! Grandma Jean called and said some roads are washed out...
 Sadie Girl went home and now i have 2 more! i am staying between the 2 houses tho as Sally Girl is getting so frail that if Olivers big tail hit her she'd fall over and the kittys too getting to old for all the activity a BIG puppy brings.
I opened my closet for something and geez.... more quilts! soo tossed them on my bed to go thru, most i will list on ebay with the exception of the fan quilt and maybe another of the vintage...

Sadie Girl waiting for Daddy... 
Emma and Sadie found some sun! 
Nice picture of Sally Girl! 
I had thrown Sadie's bed on Emma's... 
Emma's smiling in her sleep thinking.....
HA! I'm sleeping in Sadie's BED!
(shhh she gets her feelings hurt if you mention her weight...) 
Son Jeff just text me and said " well its not like shes big boned mom.... "
Enjoy your Day!         Jody