Monday, March 19, 2018

Cobblers in the Woods!

Sister Jana hosted the Cobblers this past weekend in the woods! it was a great time as always! with fun, food & friends!
Auntie Mary made this wonderful Cobbler welcome!!
 as soon as i got there i went up the stair-way for a couple pictures
this cozy set was our grandparents who had a cabin in this exact same spot!

hello Cobblers! Auntie Pat and i are here!
Auntie pat had gone out to California to visit Cobbler Beth and
ended up in the hospital with double pneumonia and tested positive
for the flu! she made it back home to Minnesota! and is on the mend!

auntie Mary, Joyce and Carol had been busy Friday night already!

Auntie Mary was needle punching the lake!

Breakfast of course was ready for us!
and the Cobblers were busy!

 sister Janas neighbor Joette joined us!

Carol was helping Joyce with a project using family clothing

and then there was lunch!
never a lack of food....

and back to work!

joyce had finished working on her family heirloom!

sister Jana was working on a quilt for her niece

Carol P was working on a baby quilt for her new grandbabe 
due any-day! 

auntie Mary was working on a quilt of ND sports colors
to sell at market this spring!

some show and tell!
Carol the wool queen, oh my gosh!

Sister Jana, Carol P & Auntie Mary are all
working on quilts (same pattern)
showing progress every-month we meet

i was hooking! 
but soon realized the kit i had didnt have
enough wool no matter how loose i hooked!
(does anyone else have this problem?)
will have to look in my stash to do the rest of the flowers
and add to the wool for the watering can....

i showed what my friend Stephanie (from our days in Japan)
sent me for my Birthday!
and her patterns are being sold at Connecting Threads!
this tote is her "Miss June" pattern
Thank you Stephanie!! love your creations!

she had sent vintage squares and such to 
share with the cobblers and sister jana started 
sewing and wala!
baby doll blankets! we have lots of baby girls (5 all about the same age)
in the family!

i got gifts for my February birthday celebration!

Joyce gave me the vintage bottle, its from our hometown!
the girls googleing something we were talking about..

and a few gifts shared to the cobblers
Mary brought from her stay in Arizona, Joette shared her scrubbers 
 and Carol p gave us each an egg with a surprise inside, i won fabric in 
sisters door prizes (we each won something!)

then it was time for supper at Auntie Marys!
thank you Doodles for the picture!

 Uncle Doodles (my moms brother) hanging with the cobblers!
and helping with the pictures!
 Birthday cake for me!  Yum!!

then it was time for Auntie Pat and I to leave.. 
we missed Sunday lunch! 
Carol had made a wonderful soup/bread!
and Uncle Doodles got to enjoy it! 
and keep the Cobblers company!
We even had great scenery!

we had a great time sister Jana, Mary and all!
Thank You so much!!

and i had left-overs yesterday while watching Nascar!

enjoy your day my blog friends!                    jody

*thank you Jana, Carol, Mary & Doodles for contributing to the pictures!