Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye, Sally Girl...

it was time to say goodbye this past Tuesday..After 16 yrs and almost 3 months. She was tired and ready to go play with Mark in the rays of the heavens. She will be missed forever..
Last Picture of Sally Girl.. in her favorite chair.
enjoy your day...                Jody

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Cobblers were here!!

another end of the month evening of fun, food and show/tell...
here Joyce is showing us a quilt she made using her nursing scrubs and white pants!
Joyce had busy hands last night! 

Carol P needed some input on a quilt she was doing some
prim stitching on..
Carol P showing a quilt she had made and tied, using
a bit different colored fabrics than her usual! love it! 
love the backing too!
Auntie Mary and Carol ( away traveling )
had been on a quilt hop, so she was sharing fabrics and patterns.. 
i had to show my score this week... in a free box at a garage sale,
 this quilt top, using what seemed like dish towels and vintage fabrics.
outlined with blanket stitching and a great pair of cream color wool pants..
(forgot to take a picture)
so that's it with the cobblers for another month!
enjoy your day!                jody

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Graduation!

These are my late sister Joans boys, Ethan the youngest graduated! whoo hoo!
its been a tough last couple years for all and this was a great accomplishment! they all have grown in to such great kids and finding their way...

Grandpa, Grandma and Ethan 
now for some fur babe pictures!
come on g-ma, jump with me!
no.. Im good right here!!

i brought Oliver a new blanket... hes sound asleep in this picture.

Koa may be little but he is still the BOSS!
can we go back to your house now g-ma? 
The kids had a good time together in Duluth... 
enjoy your day!         jody

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Surprise in the Mail..

Yesterday i had been working in the yard and came in to sit a bit in front of the air.. i checked the mail and found a surprise from my friend Mary. i met Mary about 16 years ago at a craft show we both did while stationed in Rapid city, SD. I think shes been over seas since then..i think, Okinawa, Guam and now Okinawa again. she is a bundle of sweet energy, with very eclectic, eccentrically prim taste. Love all the things she comes up with. anyway thank you sweet Mary! so thoughtful and unexpected!

Last night i met Jeff/Tonya (saw her engagement ring up close!)
Grand babe #2 had a bible school program. soo fun to watch those little ones!
look who came home with g-ma!
Jeff/Tonya, Angie and a friend are all going to stay with Jas/Jess in Duluth sooo
this mom is on Pet duty! so be prepared for more fur babe pictures... 
Enjoy your day! and long weekend!              jody

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


its been raining for days so the blue sky and bright sun is more than welcomed!!
i again am having problems with my phone/cord so unable to charge or transfer pictures. so will go see if its the cord and get a new one.. anyway so will show you some pictures i had already put on my computer of my little helpers, helping me with ebay listing..

i dont think cindy girl likes doing book work... 

i recently tracked down Marie who we got the kittys from, i thought shed enjoy seeing her Shelbys babies after all these years! She sent me this picture of
beautiful mommy Shelby!
enjoy your day!             jody

Monday, May 20, 2013

Rainy Monday Morning..

i love the rain and the freshness it brings! everything is turning nice and green! i do wish it would thunder a bit tho...
i thought id show you my second Oregon Quilt (journal #4) that i have a bit to finish on.. i am keeping these here in the den so i will grab them and get them finished. They are really nice quilts and big. i think i have seen Auntie Marys on her bed..

  picture of it finished.

 we hit some nearby city sales and came across this one where everything was
.25 what a wonderful sale!! Yes, these were just a few of my finds from that sale!! 

 time to get the fish out to the pond! Thank you my lil fisherman!!

Sister Janas son was confirmed on Sat. so we celebrated!! Congrats!!

enjoy your day!!             jody

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Friday Finish

I finished wrapping the soap for out at the shop, now on to the next big order for another shop here in town..

Sally Girl knows where to go for treats!
 Gizzys checking out my plants..
Enjoy your weekend!!             jody

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beautiful Wednesday..

So i have been doing " a little " stitching on this Oregon Trail Quilt.. its been in my to do pile. the cobblers tied it but i wanted to stitch some too. hopefully i wont get carried away! Auntie Mary, Sister Jana and I each made one. We made another from the series too, I was out hanging it off my garage while my coffee was perkling...

while i was sipping that 1st cup of coffee i snapped these heavenly pictures..
gosh pictures can get ya thinking...and Sally Girl is over 16 now and we have been taking it day by day for awhile... im off to get the gardening clothes on
and play for a couple hours and then ebay/shop stuff. did the same and got lots done!
I got the bigger pond emptied, cleaned and filled along with cleaning off some the perennials that are poking thru!
it got really really windy yesterday , starting about 11am.
 so i was glad i had gotten out before the wind.

enjoy your day my family, friends and blogging friends!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Morning Hello

This will be a picture heavy post was a great last few days, busy with family and friends. so nothing productive craft wise to show you.. my soap is all over the living room waiting to be packaged.. its a dreary sprinkly day so maybe today i will get to the soap...
the most exciting thing is...... whoo hooo i got this text from Jeffs Tonya!!!
Jeff and Grandbabe #2 asked it she legally wanted to be part of their lil family!!
i asked her what she said and it was a BIG YES!!

i know he wont be wearing his cap for his wedding!
Jeff said the date is up to her!! whooo hooo! 
congratulations! Tonyas been a wonderful addition to the family!! 

Sister Jana, Carol P and I hit the Garden store in town which was
my family's store. Mom/Dad sold it about 7 years ago. A friend bought it
and also has a floral shop in a nearby town. Mom found a mothers day planter on
her porch from her.. Dawn never misses a beat and has lots of energy!
Dawns a curb shopper like me and is a great decorator. 
Cindy girlfriend and I went to 2 church sales sat and had a blast..
then her sister Janie called and said there was a white dresser on the curb
down by her house...sooo off we go before even unloading from our sales..
when we got there the gal said we have a house full of stuff  we are putting out on the curb so
if you want to look... sooooo we put out the call for help!
we ended up with 3 truck loads!! Fun!!

Mom, Dad and 2 of their 11 Grandsons and 1 of their 3 great grands....
Daughter Angie is the only Girl so far!
Enjoy your day!          Jody