Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Young fun...and halloween

Well i think im ready for tomorrow night. i have the cobblers coming ( i wonder if they will come in costume?) i am making a white chicken chili recipe from trace at granny traces&squares blog.. sounds yummy! And i have a bowl of candy for the little ones who stop by cobblestone corner!
the weather up north here sounds like it will be a nice enough night.
lots of thoughts and prayers for our friends and blogging friends who are dealing with the storm and the aftermath of it...
My daughter angela and friend nichole went to a halloween dance saturday night and after working diligently on their costume they won 100.00 for best costume! And.. They had fun too!

Enjoy your day! Jody
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Soap and more soap..

I've been wrapping soap.. Sister jana was over last tuesday and helped a bit. I have more to make, so need to stay focused ( not like sadie!) altho she has the right idea!!

Enjoy your day! Jody

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

still rainy and dreary...

but this beautiful smile brightens everything! this is matt and katies little girl. so pretty in pink! we are going to be getting together next week so will do a post just on them! i have lots of pictures but none with katie and the babe..
i think i have finished up outside for the most part. i finished emptying the last of the whiskey barrel ponds and have the filters ect, cleaned and stored. i woke with a bit of a sore throat so may have to make some tea and read my latest new magazines!

one of  my whiskey barrel ponds...
angela made this in 1993. she was 10 years old, we were home from japan visiting and angie had gone to school with her cousin eric for the morning.
a few of sister janas halloween decorating pictures..

enjoy your day!                jody

Monday, October 22, 2012

monday check in...

just wanted to say hello and share a few more fall pictures with you!

curb find... 

let me out into the real world mom! ill watch for cars....
yum! mexican food...
and the vikings win!!! 
enjoy your day!!!               jody

Saturday, October 20, 2012

sleepy saturday..

its dreary outside, cool and rainy, i am the only one in the house not sleeping. i have 3 pups and 1 kitty in the den here with me and they are all cuddled in. the other 2 kitties are in their specials napping spots.
i thought it was time i hung up the fall quilts so i took a few pictures to show you.

i did this quilt with brush cottons and a nice larger prim stitch. i love the backing!  
i showed this a while ago but wanted to show again. auntie Mary gave this to me, i love everything about it! the colors, the black birds and auntie Mary! 
i didn't think i was ever going to get done with this one, all the blanket stitching ect... once i was done i missed having it to work on... 

 yesterday i made a Chinese chicken dish from octoberfarms recipes.. yum!! 
i love my blue and white from japan.. i don't use it as much as i use too. i found these 2 utensils while getting out the chopsticks, i used the one with the teeth to grate up ginger and garlic, the other is a rice paddle. i did decorate with my blue and white when in japan and used the dishes everyday.  
#1 grand babe spent the day with me as he had no school or day care. we had a busy day playing with his uncles old toys and eating chz bread...
 Sadie is visiting again and has the right idea!!
enjoy your weekend my blogging friends and thanx so much for checking in!!! i just may settle in with a guilt, a fur babe or two on my lap, a cup of tea and catch up with all of you!!   jody

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

OMG! curb find kinda....

i couldnt wait to get home and show you guys my latest! ok next week is trash week sooo i thought i would take a little drive around on my way home from dumping leaves... i found a nice solid old chair and spotted this! omg! it wasnt on the curb but... up next to this house soooo i checked to see if i had some cash and yes! a 10.00 bill! soooo off i go, knocking on the door and this nice older than me gentleman answered the door. i asked him if the bird cage was going on the curb as he had a pile out there already. he said nooo i was going to paint it!!!(ohhhh noooo) and put some twigs and stuff in it. i said well would you be interested in selling it? as i was showing him the 10.00 bill. he said sure! OMG! it went in the back of the pickup like really fast! i had no idea how heavy it was till i was getting it out of the truck...:) i called daughter angela at work as i was driving off with it and was so excited and as im telling her all about it i remember her saying.. MOM you like knocked on the DOOR!  i am going to have to make sure i get out there treasure hunting on the curb again! may be angie will want to come! whooo hoooo one of my favorite things to do! so what do you guys think? a great find?
now.... where is it going to go? cuz its staying right here!
cindy girl of course had to check it out and i think she really likes it too! 
has a cool i think feeding area and even the original pull out bottom for cleaning!
enjoy your day!                jody

Monday, October 15, 2012

almost a week...

since i last posted! wow... thought id show a couple more halloween decorations.
i made a few of this first one for gifts too, fun to do!

love the boarder fabric in this one..
sister jana stitched this for me... 
click on the picture to see it up closer!
the boys were home this weekend..
grand babe #2 with uncle jason, picking apples 
uncle jas get that one...
jeff and tonya picking apples 
the boys cutting down a dead tree.. jas had it down and then jeff took over..
never a dull moment with these 2 brothers! 
jeff and tonya fixing my little fence.
so we did manage to get a few things done and have fun! i fed them well too!
enjoy your day!                   jody


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

october decorations..

its been dreary and rainy the last couple days, today we have the wind too. i thought i would get out some of my Halloween things. i don't decorate alot but have a few special things...

angela made this little guy for me last year...
hoping to get these listed on ebay today, altho they look pretty good in the bowl....
enjoy your day!                jody