Thursday, January 31, 2013

another fun last wednesday of

the month with the cobblers! its been miserably cold here so I'm glad i had made some good spicy soup and so was everyone else! here are a few pictures from last night!

i tryed a new desert recipe from my basket teaching friend from our japan days...its apple dumplings made with mtn.dew soda and crescent rolls!! yum!! it was a hit!! thanx Cindy girlfriend!

checking out daughter Angie's quilt!! 
silly Carol!
auntie Mary brought Jana a belated b-day gift!! 
love it!!
we looked at new patterns! 
and new books! 
gosh january was productive for Carol!! beautiful!!

and sister Jana brought us our Christmas gifts she finished! too cute sister!!
cobbler Beth sent thimbles from their visit to SD on their way back to California during the holidays
thanx Beth!! miss you already!!
sister Jana brought her finished quilted, binded tree skirt! love the binding fabric!! 
Carol P gave us each this bag for christmas fun to see so many used last night!
missed you last night Carol P but glad you were safe, just way to cold and yukky for
1 1/2 hr drive one way....
i woke to 7 below not including the wind chill and the wind is howling.. so a good morning
for this!! auntie Mary brought the latest issue of connecting threads, my friend Stephanie's tote
is featured on the front of it!!
enjoy your day!!                   jody

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Cobblers are...

Coming tonight!! Whoo Hoo!

So we are just watchen mom get ready for the gang!!!

Enjoy your day!!
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Monday, January 28, 2013


Daughter Angela had me over for spaghetti last night, i honestly have not had it in close to 2 years.. It use to be a weekly meal here. It was wonderfully good! And so was the company! Thank you Angela Kaylani!

Angela! What perfect corners!!

What a cutie patootie!

Gizzy thinks...

Its going to be a good day for this!!

Enjoy your monday!!
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Home made...

Chocolate! We are lucky enough to have a candy store here in town ( generations old ) and i as well as many take advantage!
Great gifts any time of the year!
George said sure! Take some pictures..

Notice the old cash register? Old scale?.. He still uses an old adding machine too and has to look up the tax!

Soda fountain area..

The shops in a big ol building down town, i should have taken a picture of the original tin ceiling...
I also bought myself a little treat to have with my coffee this morning and gave George a 1.00 for my dads morning paper, so this morning when dad goes to get his paper and catch up on the towns gossip, he'll know either i or sister jana had been in!
So now that the fur babys have been fed and the coffee is done! Its my turn!!

Enjoy your day! Jody
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Who doesn't love cookbooks...

So my cobbler friend carol e -mailed me saying she missed me and that i hadnt blogged in days! Too funny! I havent been doing anything really to blog about.. Imagine that! I have just been keeping busy cleaning and getting things together to list on ebay. Soo thought id show ya a cookbook... It was on a shelf high in the kitchen. Its not in the best shape but, so pretty i thought id share it before getting rid of it..

Its from 1902, even signed and given as a gift in 1905

It has fun graphics and illistrations...

A couple shelves of cook books in my hoosier, And i can come up with a few more..

But we all have our favorites don't we?
Mine is our family cookbook on my moms side of the family..
I'd be embarrassed to show you the inside, but i do have another copy i could use for the next 30 yrs..altho,this will do!

So.. Carol this post is for you!!!
Enjoy your day!! Jody
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Monday, January 21, 2013

busy, fun & angies show/tell

the kids were all home so it was a busy weekend! i got lots of cooking in, even tryed a couple new recipes..
 I'm still trying to figure out the problems I'm having with putting pictures on here... but working on it with a cup of coffee/pot!  here are a few pictures from the weekend
daughter Angela made this quilt for a friend using a jelly roll, she put that minky fabric on the back and had it machine quilted with an owl motif, it turned out wonderful!! so proud of my baby doll, never ever thought she'd be sewing!!
happy birthday grand baby #2
a big 5 years old today! he requested root beer floats!
grand babe #1 gave him the game sorry soo they got in a few games!
with Jeff and Tonya's help.
both grand babes are on the road to recovery from strep throat..both have colds now tho..
DIL Jessica, Matt/Katie's babe and Katie....
could baby be any cuter??
Jessica's mom makes these cute little hats and i think babe will have one for each outfit!
enjoy your day my blogging friends and family!!               Jody

Friday, January 18, 2013


Home with grandma and strep throat! Grand babe #2 will be here all weekend! Daddy and tonya are coming today around 3. I guess we will be laying low celebrating his big 5th birthday....

Of course his temp goes up..

This morning asking for a pancake!! Whoo hoo!!

Enjoy your day!
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

more snow and

more cleaning...i know i have shown this picture before but now its all clean! and my ebay pile is getting bigger! heading out to shovel...

Enjoy your day! Jody