Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cobblers at Janas....

last night the Cobblers gathered at sister Janas! Thank You sister for being the hostess with the mostest!!

time to get to work!
i had 2 quilts to get tied, that i made for 2 of my grandbabes
using their papa marks jeans/airforce fatigues.
i will attach a laminated photo of each of their dads with papa mark
that will fit into a pocket on the quilt.

Auntie Pat had 1 quilt that she had to fix for her grandson 
so we retied that too!

some were ready to be done! 

time for a party! we celebrated Auntie Mary 
and Joyces Birthday! 

Carol had added this to Marys gift! a wool pincushion!

 i had given them each a set of vintage custards and soap.
this am Mary sent me this picture! hers matched a casserole she had!
time for dessert! Yum!

now for show & tell!
Carol P showed us a quilt she had finished!
sister Jana showed us how far shes gotten on her 
wool work for her daughter in law! love it!

then it was time for Mary to show her November project!
mission quilts for her church! WOW AUNTIE MARY!

a wonderful accomplishment Auntie Mary!

as always it was nice to get-together and catch up!
love you cobbler girls!

enjoy your days my blog friends!            jody

Monday, November 20, 2017

a lefse making day!

this is a picture from years ago in Japan of Mark, angela and jason making lefse, mom/dad had sent us a lefse grill and all to start our own lefse making tradition and now we are starting another generation!

while mom and dad were home making lefse, (mom sent a picture of her helper!)
i was making lefse with the kids..

Daughter Angie, Grandbabes Jd & Brody were missing from our annual lefse making..we missed you guys!

Jeff was in charge of making lefse balls, Jason the roller and me the flipper.
the girls were there to help too but also kept busy with the babies!

 starting them young!

 we had a great time and now to enjoy the lefse!!

enjoy your days my blog friends!            jody