Sunday, December 28, 2014

Some Christmas Pictures....and 4 Family Anniversarys!


 Son Jason (Happy Birthday) Grand babe #1 & #3

Sister Jana and her #3 grand babe!
 My crazy brother who pouted cuz we weren't drawing names with the adults soo
sister Jana told everyone to bring Jim something! he got things like pop, candy, lotto tickets
was quite funny! and he seemed to Love it!

My 3...

 babes 1st Christmas!

 Daughter Angie and son..

 Mom loves these noisy things, Daughter Angie & grandbabe got her this one..
 Sister Jana and Dad..


Christmas day Grand-babe #2 was with us..
He had the cutest elf on the shelf PJ's on!
 busy busy...

My Nephew who joined the Airforce was home for a couple weeks and GOT MARRIED!
Yep now there are 4 family weddings on Dec. 27th!
mom and dad - 56 years
cousin Ryan and Jess (Auntie Marys son) - 13 yrs i think
son Jason and Jessica - 6 years
and now Ethan and Haley!!   congrats!!

Enjoy your day!!       jody

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve Day & Birthday Boy!

well it is here! and we got a dusting of snow over the ice so hopefully it will stay and we will have a white Christmas.

Happy Birthday Jason!! My 8pm Christmas Eve Babe!!

i picked this up at a sale for .25 cents and it is one of my favorites!
made with old jewelry, it has a few lights in it too.

 my first bar of coffee soap is going to the mail lady
 along with a little gift certificate for coffee

Merry Christmas!!

Enjoy! My Blog Friends!!                        Jody

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Birthday and a Quilt..

yesterday Sister Jana/Steve had a birthday get together for their Youngest Son AJ he turned 20!
so we had a nice visit, cake, ice cream and even baby snuggle time! as luke/Heidi were there with their #1. First we had to get there thru the fog. it was dreary and spooky foggy day. last night it
started with the rain and today we are covered in ice.

 Happy Birthday AJ! this is Ken his girl friend..

4 generation photo with Janas newest grandbabe!

Daughter Angie finished a quilt called "Man Cave" quilt
for a friend. so jana, angie and I tyed it and it really turned out nice
it has a nice minky fabric on the back.

enjoy your day my  blog friends!                      jody

Friday, December 12, 2014

Moms Birthday Lunch

Sister Jana and I took mom out for her Dec. 5th birthday yesterday! we went to the lil Cofe' shoppe here in town. Dawn now has Beer and Wine there too! But we had Coffee!

 Dawn decorates so nice, very warm and cozy...

 sister Jana and I had salads and mom had a sandwich/chips

i look thrilled don't I? absolutely hate getting my picture taken...
as family and friends know. but love taking them!! Happy Birthday Mum!

sister Jana has been working at the quilt shop all week, mom or i try stop in and visit some..

jana is working on this quilt for in the shoppe for a while
and then she will be giving it to her in-laws.

it will be in these colors, we were moving the blocks around a bit....

i was leaving the house and saw these 2 cuties hanging out on the dike...

Emma girls visit to the vet on monday showed her blood sugar 114
almost perfect. now to keep it there. she has had 1 low blood-sugar episode since Monday..

Enjoy your day my blog friends!!                                           jody

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Its been a busy Family Year....

sister Jana/Steves son Luke graduated from chiropractic school in Minneapolis and they moved home the next day! Luke will be working with his Dad! Jason/Jessie and babe went down to help celebrate!

 My son Jason graduated 2 years ago.. so this is a picture of the 3 Chiropractic Doctors!

janas husband Steve and my Grandbabe #3

Heidi and Lukes babe was baptized on Sunday..
Brother Nick and Wife Taylor are the GodParents!

Steves Dad/Pat, Mom/Dad and sister Jana/Steves family!

soo after 2 family weddings, 3 baby girls, 2 graduations and a move back to town we are i think done for this year! so far a new babe next year and who knows whats to come yet!!

enjoy your day!              jody