Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just saying Hello!

Gosh spring and summer bring such busy days!
sister Janas son (her babe of 4 boys) graduated this past weekend! Congrats AJ!!

Grandbabe #1 and my brothers son were in charge of the punch!

Tonya went home to work on wedding plans, Jeff went to visit his brother Jason/Jess
Tonya had to torture me and sent pictures from the "old depot juntion" sale... in Brainard, Mn

Matt, Katie and baby #1 also went to visit in Duluth!

i have been out in the garden when i can... with help!

Enjoy your day my blogging friends and i will be by to visit soon!                Jody

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday and Sunshine!

so the grandpups, emma and I are heading out to the yard for a bit!
i did stop up at a sale here in town of a quilter i know and found a few goodies..
these 3 little totes with lots of pockets inside, i call them project totes.. 2. a piece

this fabric all for 1.25..
and a couple stitchery patterns..

another project case and a " Vera " potholder

and this americana bunny wall hanging for 1.25
its a bit faded but thought it would be fun to hang in the garden on the fence over july 4th.

Daughter Angie/grandbabe #1, Jeff/Tonya all made it home safe from Arizona..

Angie, grandbabe and i went out for chinese and
they filled me in on their trip, not 10 minutes after
she dropped me off she sent this picture...

and the birds are busy! so fun to watch and see color!!

Enjoy your day my Blogging Friends!          jody

Monday, May 19, 2014

Busy Busy...

Cindy and I have been hitting the sales and loading the truck..
i found this vintage rattan set and stroller for Jason/Jess
perfect set for in their front porch and the stroller is perfect for
hiking in Duluth. 

 not much room left... i told Cindy we had to start piling on her lap which
wasn't the first time...

i have all the grand pups here as Daughter Angela/grandbabe #1,

Jeff/Tonya all are in Phoenix Arizona visiting with the Menge gang!

Time out and they didn't seem to mind...

 This lil guy keeps losing teeth!

Matt/Katies lil one had her face painted at a fund raiser here in town for a splash park!

 and this little one has her first day of day care today....

Enjoy your day my Blog friends!!                Jody

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mommy & Daddy..

Were so happy to be home after a long day of work...

I was awake at 5 this am, could here her squirming...
Good morning g-ma!! I couldn't resist!

My children gave me this "Vera" all in one purse they thought id like while hitting the sales! Thanx guys i love it!!

So now Mom & Dad are gone to work and baby is sleeping soo
Its orange/cranberry scones and coffee for this g-ma!

Angelas taking good care of Emma and getting a hang of giving shots!
Thank you daughter Angie!

Enjoy your day!! Jody

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Rainy day in Duluth..

And I'm having a PJ day with grandbabe #3 as her mommy had to go back to work today..

Cindy girlfriend and i went to a couple sales on Saturday, had fun of course and found a few treasures that im keeping!
I love ironstone soo grabbed this beautiful piece for 1.00,
Once i got it home i discovered this is not the original lid which is no big deal to me! And still a treasure! I also got this crock along with lots of candles and miscellaneous items, it was a fill a bag for 5.00 sale and i filled 2 bags so spent 10.00 at that sale! Love those sales!

Daughter Angela worked at the Quilt shop Saturday and of course spent her pay check Im sure...

Pictures are blurry as I'm on my iPad...

Enjoy your Monday my blogging friends!! Jody

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Friday, May 9, 2014


Sister Jana and I took Mom out for a little pampering...

Then we met Janas DIL and new grandbabe at Olive Garden! ohhh fun and ohhh yum!
Janas Grandbabes..

and this weekend i am going to spend a few days with these guys! 
Jess only had 6 weeks off so took this week vacation and her mom and 
i are dividing up next week. then it will be day care...

enjoy your day my blog friends!                        jody

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Morning Catch up..

Daughter Angie was in the Cities all last week for training so Grandpup Koa was here with me and Oliver went to stay with Jeff/Tonya.. Koa thought we should catch up on some blogs..
Koa is back here today for grandmums puppy day care! 

 Girl Friend Cindy and I ventured out of town for a sale Saturday am...

And then Emma girl and i went on a road trip!

after about 3 1/2 hours she finally settled down... with 1/2 hour to go.

I got to play dress up with this little gal!
I'm not sure if she liked her cute lil hat with her pjs...

Great Grandma Jean sent her first baby Doll.. one of many im sure!

The snow in Duluth was almost gone and there were signs of spring!


 Emma stayed busy keeping track of Grand-kitty Emmie...

well on to more Monday Morning Catch Up!
enjoy your day my blogging friends!                 jody