Monday, February 13, 2012

im back!

with lots of inspiration! i had a great weekend in Minneapolis with my son and his wife, my daughter and grandson. my other son stayed here with his son to animal sit , thank you jeffrey!
Saturday morning i went over to wooly red rug for her 2nd sat hook in and i had never been there before. right away i felt at home, Laurie of course is so friendly and hospitable with a warm and cozy home, lots of treats and lots and lots of wool! the gals there also all so friendly and nice it was great to be around fellow hookers and bond, just like fellow quilters, you can just hang out and visit comfortably! hopefully i will get down there again soon... i didn't ask anyone if i could show their pictures on my blog so instead i will show you just a tish of Laurie's wool that she sells thru LJ fibers at the  i could have sat and gone thru each and everyone of them, beautiful colors, beautiful patterns, beautiful rugs and  a wonderful time! thank you Laurie!           enjoy your day!              jody


  1. A well deserved good time! Warm and inviting photos.

  2. Happy Monday Jody,
    Thanks so much for coming over on Saturday! I only wish WE had more time to visit ~L

  3. Some day I would love to go visit Laurie in her home studio! She is a sweetheart!! Glad you were able to visit and meet the hookers in that area!! Looks so warm and cozy there!!
    Cathy G