Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a little surprise

hanging on my back door! so i will be trying to figure who left it today! i do have an idea who may have tho...its an adorable wool pear pin cushion and i love it! cute, cute, cute! thank you!
after going to the hook in and trying to use my new/used lap frame(came with a stand also) i had bought off of ebay for a great price. i decided once again to try make a frame to fit on my lap hoop quilt frame. i love this one as it has a 360 degree angle and i am use to it but find putting the hoop on and off the hooking project a hassle. so i did it, and today i need to order some gripper strips and it will be ready to use!

  happy valentines day!      enjoy your day!!          jody


  1. What a super fun surprise! Happy Hearts to you Jody!

  2. So wonderful to have a secret friend. How very crafty of you it looks like it will work great.