Monday, February 27, 2012

monday morning...

we had a friend from out of town stop by for coffee so i baked a hashbrown egg bake, mini muffins and fruit. i used a quilt today as a table cloth and loved the way it looked. i sewed this quilt a few years ago and hand stitched it, its a country threads pattern.

i have puppy sat all weekend so its been busy around here and im looking forward to cleaning up a bit, having my couch back and maybe trying to get some hooking in. angies puppy, oliver is getting bigger and bigger and is only i think 3 months old, such a playfull little guy and once again i havent seen the cats in days as they are in hiding...the puppys will be soon gone tho, back to angie today.
              enjoy your day!                      jody


  1. Special tables make the food taste even better. Wonderful quilts for people and our 4-leggged furry friends.

  2. What a beautiful table! And the menu sounds yummy!