Wednesday, February 15, 2012

small market basket

and my helper sure didn't stick around to help much on this basket! by the looks of the picture above she thought i worked her to hard on the last basket!  i thought i would share a couple pictures on a cute little basket i made for THE MAIL MAN....we have such a nice mail man and he has a very nice wife too. he ordered a little something from me for his wife for valentines day since he was out of town. what a guy huh? so i made a small market basket and filled it with a few things and some of my soap that i know they like. i set it outside their door so she would get it when she got home. a little surprise from her valentine!

                    enjoy your day!!             jody


  1. I heart my mail ladies too! What a thoughtful mail man and how kind of you to make a special delivery.

  2. Jody, your basket you made came out so great but I have to say your helper is the cutest helper I have ever seen.
    What a cute face.
    Happy crafting,

  3. I love that basket! You do marvelous work! What a sweet gift!