Thursday, February 23, 2012

thrift store stop

and i came home with a few goodies. i found this tray for 1.99 and pewter sconce for 4.00 and also a few smalls to bring to our shop ( timeless treasures). im not sure if i can part with these two tho... i really could find something to do with the tray(can remove back and replace picture with stitchery or what ever!) and altho i dont collect pewter i always could... :) i also have a couple friends that do collect pewter so..

 we had a nice time at moms yesterday she worked so hard on her table, it was lovely! annie, a friend also joined us. i did get some hooking done and had finished my lap frame so brought that to use
i had some questions on my hooking so e-mailed laurie, she has some great tips on her web site which really helped me out .  thanx laurie!

enjoy your day!                           jody


  1. love your finds you are always busy I need to get busy I sit and read way to much.

  2. Wonderful finds. I'm guilty of ending the strip at the end...and not hiding it. I do tend to cut the strip lower than the rest at the end...and cram it into the other row. I've also looped it over toward the second row. Don't know if either one is the best! LOL

  3. Jody ~
    Glad you got to bond with mom ~ so very important!
    Great finds :) A new collection can be a good thing.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your hooking.
    Woo hoo! Friday!!!
    Hugs :)