Monday, March 5, 2012

a birthday..

yesterday march 4th our sally girl turned 15. happy birthday sally girl! she has been such a great part of our lives and such a good girl..
son #2-jeff, tonya and grandbabe were home for the weekend. i actually will be watching the busy little 4 yr old all week as no day care. so not much hooking ect done this week!
i found this quilt block at a sale, it still has the .25 cent sticker on the back. its 18 in square, id like to frame it or something.. oh the treasures we find! i cant wait for spring and the sales to start!

once again to you who stop by thanx so much!    enjoy your day!             jody


  1. Sally is a dear old girl. :o) Probably the best .25 you ever spent -- gorgeous quilt block. I love dresdens.

  2. Sally is so sweet. great quilt block. you are so lucky to have your grandson for the week.