Saturday, March 3, 2012

a corner...

in by breakfast nook. i have no progress on my hooking to show you and i have been busy just binding the jean quilt for my friend that we tied the other night. but i wanted to say hello so thought id show you a corner of my breakfast nook....a friend who does amazing crafting made the paper mache doll and the game board i found in my parents closet. i love white and ironstone, and bowls and red and......
so much bad weather out there. i still had kids out traveling last night and it was terrible out. my daughters on the road this am, my brother rolled his truck 3 times last week and it landed on its roof ...he is fine, but gosh always stuff to worry about! i hope all of you bloggers and readers are safe and sound and warm and cozy!
i also wanted to say, thank you so much for my followers! i have tried to get ahold of a couple of you to personally say thanx for stopping by but havent been able too so thank you for stopping by!!

         enjoy your day!                        jody


  1. Such a sweet cupboard with all it's lovely things.
    we have had snow and today ice I have a head cold so I am tucked in the spare bedroom watching tv and blogging

  2. A quick Hello Jody! Won't you be glad when all this snow is gone?!! We are having winter now I guess! Next week is supposed to get much warmer! I'm glad your brother is okay..... these guys around here are pretty tough cookies but I worry too..... both of my brothers are truckers! Pretty collection in your corner! You have a lot of nice antique pieces!!
    Cathy G

  3. I love your cupboard corner! So homey and filled with wonderful crockery! We are all slushy snow up here in NH. I ventured out to the thrift store anyway! Too tired of being cooped up!

  4. Jody, I'm now following you - having a problem adding all new blogs I'm following to my main blog - hopefully I can keep up with you. Love reading your blog - we have so many like interests, basketweaving, rug hooking, quilting. Thanks for following my blogs. ~Ann