Friday, March 23, 2012

its friday

and its a rainy dreary day...i got b little bit in the yard/garden cleaned up last night so it probably can use a little washing.
yesterday i made a quiche for our bonding stitched on her bunny wool, jana stitched on her stitchery and is going to finish hers before me! and i cut soap. yesterday i make 3 pumpkin spice and 3 rosemary geranium. ( yes smells soo good in my kitchen ) on one of the batches of rosemary after i had poured, mixed and poured in mold and was cleaning up i noticed a lump in the bottom of the lye pot. i must have not stirred enough and it was looked like ice...anyway i wrote that down and marked the mold and sure enough the soap probabley isnt going to turn out...its real soft and i really dont dare take it out of the mold. so i will leave it over the weekend. when things like this happen soapers say the soap fariy stopped by..i call it the soap devil!!!  i am going to bond with my son jason and wife jessica in mlps today!! punch pizza tonight and hopefully some thrift shops tomorrow!?

enjoy your day!     enjoy your weekend too!                jody


  1. Oh, I so want to come and learn soap-making from you...have a slice of that yummy quiche, and just relax in your wonderful home!
    Always a pleasure to visit!

  2. Sorry about the batch of soap.Other than that it sounds like a wonderful day.Hope you make it to the thrift shops.Hugs,Jen

  3. Thank you for your comment on my crafts