Thursday, March 8, 2012

a light snow fall

during the night, so when i went to let the dogs run in the back yard they could make fresh trails. everything is covered with a light, fresh, clean coat of fluffy snow. i glanced around and saw a blob in a tree and knew what it had to be. so i went and got my glasses and grabbed the binoculars that are by the door and a beautiful balled eagle just sitting on a branch over the river. i called mom and dad but... houses in the way so i stood there for along time and enjoyed. the water is open back there so the eagles are around alot for us to enjoy if we happen to look up and for a brief moment see them in between the houses and trees...
i finished the jean quilt completely and will deliver it today, my mother crocheted me an afghan for my birthday in feb and thought id show a picture of it. it of course is beautiful and perfect and from her! i love it..

           enjoy your day!                            jody


  1. What a very talented mom. Belated happy birthday Jody! I really like the splash of yellow on the jean quilt. Someone is going to stay toasty warm snuggled under it.

  2. I love that afghan...what a wonderful gift! What fun to see the eagle. Once, my husband and I were on a walk in Newburyport and saw several eagles circling overhead. We just lay back on a stone bridge and watched them for a long time...bliss!

  3. Oh my but the afghan from your mom is awesome! Love the jean quilt too.Sure wish I could see an eagle,glad that you were able to enjoy it.Hugs,Jen