Sunday, April 29, 2012

sunday night and sallys better..

yes, i was in the kitchen cooking and all of a sudden there was sally waiting for a little something to fall from the cutting board! she is slowly getting her balance back which is great because yesterday i even took ice for my back in the car with me! jeff did most the helping of sally girl while he was here. she even jumped on the couch herself now tonight so i get the recliner! one more night and i think i will be able to leave her down here alone and sleep in my bed! she made it out a couple times today to sniff around the yard and still falls if she goes to fast or trys to shake but all in all i do see improvement!
i didnt get much curb shopping in but i did stop and pick up these treasures when i went to pick up #1 g-babe from day care. "grandma why are you turning around in the middle of the street and why are you taking that stuff out of someones yard?" then angela looking at me like great.... he will be wanting to curb shop with g-ma...i am going to cut the bird house off the stand and find a place on the shelf for it.. and i really needed another watering can!!! :)
the grandbabes got alittle playing time in and sally got alot of spoiling, angela made it home from the cities, all my children are safe/sound and now my house is quiet and the kittys are starting to show up 1 by 1! so i am catching up on my blogging friends and getting a chance to check out what  i bought and got in the mail yesterday! love it! thanx cathy so much for the wool also!

i see i have 31 followers yea! thanx to my new blogging friends that are stopping by i love being a part of this new community sharing what we all seem to have in common a love for creating! i think its time for a give away! im not sure what i will do yet but it will have to do with my soap soooo stop by and alls you have to do is be a follower on my blog! so on friday i will pick a winner from my followers!
         enjoy your day                jody

Friday, April 27, 2012

its friday!

well lets see... sally girl is about the same..i tucked her in on the couch last night and woke up from the recliner and she was sound asleep on the i moved to the couch.  i havent been able to leave her alone or... i havent wanted to leave her alone. i dont like her getting up and trying to walk without me as she falls right down hard and those bones are old,  i dont want her hurting herself. she actually is on the couch and chewing on her bone so she continues to be in good spirits and did drink a bowl of water. jeff, tonya and # 2 grandboy will be coming home tonight to see her so she will be really happy to see them.
yesterday while we were in the kitchen, i made scones. i call my friend stephanie (loft creations blog) the scone queen, she has sent me all kinds of scone recipes and this one is one of my favorites. sister jana wanted some for a gift and i thought #1 grand boy would like some for a after school snack.
i had made soap the day before so cut that up also.. sweet pea and pining memories. my swirls got alittle top heavy... but once cut up i think they are fine.

                      enjoy your day!                   jody

Thursday, April 26, 2012

cobblestone quilters and sally girl....

yep we got together at sister janas as we had a few quilts to tie... and of course plenty of eating and show and tell.
carol p had brought this fast little table runner i think she said it was a 10 min project, she also made these little mats for the store she works at. i love the coffee motif! then she showed us the quilt shes making for each of her boys, wow really nice! her boys are really out door guys so i know they will love them!
auntie mary brought her applique wool blocks that she is working on, sooo perfect and pretty.
auntie pat had been off visiting beth in calif. so brought us all back thimbles to add to our collection!

last night i left early to come home and check on the dogs and it was clear something was wrong with my 15 yr old golden SALLY GIRL :( so i slept on the dirty kitchen floor most the night with her. i was thinking maybe she had a stroke but i just got finished talking with the vet and she thinks it sounds like "vestibular syndrome" a balance thing that happens with older dogs sometimes. she could snap out of it or learn to work with it.. so today i helped her go down the ramp instead of the back steps to go potty and she sure doesnt want me to be to far from her soo i am going to sit and baby her all day today til i need to go get #1 grandbabe from daycare and take to swimming... i hope she snaps out of it....
enjoy your day..             jody

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

almond and sandalwood..

yep! still making soap. will be done this week tho, and i will have plenty on hand!
busy week with the grand puppies and #1 grandboy. oliver the big puppy found the pond and loves the pond... so glad we dont have the fish in there yet..koa has found a place in the enchanted garden to bask in the sun. and #1 grandboy has been doing real well with his swimming lessons! 
congrats to angela on her promotion at work! she is now "CITY CLERK" and she is keeping real busy in mlps for this weeks training. she should be coming home to a fenced in back yard so that will be great for the dogs and little one.. sure miss her being in town tho! i think she is bonding tonight with jason and jessie so have fun guys! sun is shining but i hear wind is on the way...
                  enjoy your day!                         jody

Monday, April 23, 2012

bird houses...

i love bird houses! yesterday i got my usual ones out of the garage and into their place for the summer.(im not quiet done with the top shelf...)  i hung the shelf on the fence near the door so i see them always and they have a little protection. lots of them i have rescued from my fathers chicken yard, others from the trash or sales... and i went thru a time after reading " seven gates farm" (love the book) that i thought i needed to collect old garden tools so i need to show you my many spray nasals sometime..they look nice lined up in the window for the summer.
enjoy your day!         jody

Saturday, April 21, 2012

its a rainy saturday up north...

woke up to a rainy day. glad i have gotten a little done in the yard the last couple days. i spread some fresh mulch in different path areas of the garden and should go buy a few more bags today... love the freshness it adds.
its my daughter Angela Kayloni s 29th birthday tomorrow, oh how time flies! she will be gone all next week to the cities for some training so grandma will be busy taking grand babe #1 to swimming and soccer and of course with the grand puppies! hopefully she will get some time to visit with jason and jessica.
we bonded at sister janas yesterday and she had her little grandbabe..what a cutie! so that was a nice distraction from sewing! jana had been working on a couple gifts and i whined a bit (love the fabric) thinking one of these would look great on my dining room table...
i did buy myself a little treasure from  cathy at "orange sink" that she had for sale on love seeing all the things that fellow bloggers are making and selling! will show you when i get it! cant wait! love it cathy!!
i did finelly get some more oils for my soap measured and in batches and cant believe i am almost out of my 50 lb pails of oils!! i am going to try finish up making soap this next week and get started on wrapping and selling and i think i need to do my 1st blog give away soon...

                     enjoy your weekend!            jody

Friday, April 20, 2012

chilly friday morning...

as i was shutting the window in my sewing room and cranking up the heat... i saw this and thought it would be a nice picture.
the birdhouse i remember finding in my fathers chicken barn and off it went back to south dakota when we were stationed there...we always went back with a van full, sometimes things strapped to the top. our neighbors would say " the minnesota hillbillys are back.." and my kids remember having to sit in the car for 9 hours with their legs stretched out on top of things.... oh those were the days! the things our husband and kids do for us...  the carpenters box i honestly got off the curb during trash week one year. i even stopped and asked the guy if it was out to be thrown and he said you bet and do you need help loading it? and it still had all kinds of tools ect in it! the drawers push in more so i do think it is missing a front that maybe locked.. the top opens and has a lock on it, really perfect primitive work and color!
enjoy your day!!                 jody

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

have you heard of...

the app, INSTAGRAMS ? last night when i could have been doing something else i was playing around with this app. fun! here are a few pictures to show some differences. this is gizzy my boy cat, the only boy in the house and he usally doesn't photograph well because he is so black..the first pic is the original, i was able to bring in up close and center it. then it can be saved to your camera roll and copies can be made. COOL!
enjoy your day!                         jody

Monday, April 16, 2012


the start of a new week! timeless treasures opens today sooo lets hope for a good busy season for us out at the shop! cindys been busy cleaning and ive been busy soaping. we have some sales lined up and we are ready to shop! and sell!
i cut some fresh soap earlier, peppermint wake up, sweet grass and rosemary geranium. i have soap stacked on racks all over the house! i may have to move the wool from my original soap rack and start on that! i will be measuring more oils later today...

cindy girl is saying in this picture, oh my the flash is a little to bright for me mom, i just woke up. she was cuddled into the basket next to the radiator. we woke up to a chilly morning and i cranked the heat up. the sun is shining tho so hopefully it will warm up!
hope you are enjoying your day!                       jody

Sunday, April 15, 2012

soap and grandpups!

i did get some more soap made yesterday so of course cut and played this morning already! i love that fresh new soap! i made 2 that i had made earlier, lemon pearberry and lemon verbena... i am going to be making a few that i seem to run out of.. ive made 48 batches now... sooo will need to start wrapping soon.
thought id snap a picture of the grand puppies, i dont know if you can tell how big oliver is getting or not but he is almost the size of my sally girl... and koa of course is such a nice boy!
i got the latest country living in the mail so am heading to the Adirondack chair in the back yard armed with a quilt and hot coffee. a cool, dreary day today but its another day to enjoy and be thankful for, right!?

enjoy your day!                          jody

Saturday, April 14, 2012

cutting, stacking and playing....

today i am cutting up bars of...cranberry-pomegranate ( the red ) and dragons blood. i didnt think the name dragons blood would go over to well so jana, mom and i  bounced around some names and im calling it midnight mist. its my new favorite! altho.. the cranberry really smells good too! last night i was on one of my favorite soap forums and was researching working with the dragons blood and found out that once it cures it turns a choc brown... i probably should have researched it first because i  was trying to get a nice color with what colorants i had and i put in a really pretty gold mica sparkle which.... once its curing we wont be able to see. there are some tricks that i will try next time to get a little swirl in the choc brown... midnight stars probably would be a nice name too... its a nice sutler, musky ,earthy scent! love it!
the sun is shining and its really nice out , altho a little wet yet from the rain yesterday. i have the birds out for some fresh air and am doggy sitting the grandpuppys so once again it will be a busy back yard... but great to be out!

enjoy your day!                         jody

Friday, April 13, 2012

cobblestone quilters...

a few years ago we each made our own signature wall hanging, i cant believe how long we have been getting together because we had made this a couple years after we had started (and i havent even finished it yet...) auntie mary of course made hers really cool. i will see if i can get a picture of it... also when one of us goes somewhere we bring back a thimble , 8 of the same, which isnt always easy to find . i really have been done traveling for years.. those trips back and forth to japan were plenty! but i did go to north dakota (4 hours away) on a business trip with mark one year soooo i did bring back a thimble for everyone! its a rainy dreary day so maybe i will get some soap making in or stitching or...... hooking! what ever you do today, enjoy your day!           jody

Thursday, April 12, 2012

finished cutting and.....

thought the cucumber swirl was so pretty it needed a photo op! so here it is! can you smell it?  
                      enjoy your day!            jody