Friday, April 20, 2012

chilly friday morning...

as i was shutting the window in my sewing room and cranking up the heat... i saw this and thought it would be a nice picture.
the birdhouse i remember finding in my fathers chicken barn and off it went back to south dakota when we were stationed there...we always went back with a van full, sometimes things strapped to the top. our neighbors would say " the minnesota hillbillys are back.." and my kids remember having to sit in the car for 9 hours with their legs stretched out on top of things.... oh those were the days! the things our husband and kids do for us...  the carpenters box i honestly got off the curb during trash week one year. i even stopped and asked the guy if it was out to be thrown and he said you bet and do you need help loading it? and it still had all kinds of tools ect in it! the drawers push in more so i do think it is missing a front that maybe locked.. the top opens and has a lock on it, really perfect primitive work and color!
enjoy your day!!                 jody

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  1. Jody,
    I think we need to go shopping together! We love the same things and I have memories like yours "rescuing" things from curbs etc! We camped one time with a pie safe in the tent with us!!! I think we could share stories!!
    Thank-you for your purchase today and am looking forward to sending you your little treasure!!!
    Have a good weekend!!
    Cathy g