Thursday, April 26, 2012

cobblestone quilters and sally girl....

yep we got together at sister janas as we had a few quilts to tie... and of course plenty of eating and show and tell.
carol p had brought this fast little table runner i think she said it was a 10 min project, she also made these little mats for the store she works at. i love the coffee motif! then she showed us the quilt shes making for each of her boys, wow really nice! her boys are really out door guys so i know they will love them!
auntie mary brought her applique wool blocks that she is working on, sooo perfect and pretty.
auntie pat had been off visiting beth in calif. so brought us all back thimbles to add to our collection!

last night i left early to come home and check on the dogs and it was clear something was wrong with my 15 yr old golden SALLY GIRL :( so i slept on the dirty kitchen floor most the night with her. i was thinking maybe she had a stroke but i just got finished talking with the vet and she thinks it sounds like "vestibular syndrome" a balance thing that happens with older dogs sometimes. she could snap out of it or learn to work with it.. so today i helped her go down the ramp instead of the back steps to go potty and she sure doesnt want me to be to far from her soo i am going to sit and baby her all day today til i need to go get #1 grandbabe from daycare and take to swimming... i hope she snaps out of it....
enjoy your day..             jody


  1. Love your blog, show great pictures that tell the story of our lives! Love you...

  2. Jody,
    You girls sure are talented seamtresses! Love the quilts and the runners! The coffee pot fabric is wonderful! I sure hope your Sally Girl starts to feel better! I know how worried you get and I would be doing the same thing sleeping on the floor! Although the next day I probably wouldn't be worth a hoot! Take care and keep us posted how things are going!
    Cathy G

  3. Don't we wish our pets could talk to us. Wishing Sally Girl well.