Friday, April 13, 2012

cobblestone quilters...

a few years ago we each made our own signature wall hanging, i cant believe how long we have been getting together because we had made this a couple years after we had started (and i havent even finished it yet...) auntie mary of course made hers really cool. i will see if i can get a picture of it... also when one of us goes somewhere we bring back a thimble , 8 of the same, which isnt always easy to find . i really have been done traveling for years.. those trips back and forth to japan were plenty! but i did go to north dakota (4 hours away) on a business trip with mark one year soooo i did bring back a thimble for everyone! its a rainy dreary day so maybe i will get some soap making in or stitching or...... hooking! what ever you do today, enjoy your day!           jody

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  1. Signature quilts hold special people near and dear. My mom has quite an extensive thimble collection...I get one for her everywhere I go plus she collects them from places she visit too.