Friday, April 27, 2012

its friday!

well lets see... sally girl is about the same..i tucked her in on the couch last night and woke up from the recliner and she was sound asleep on the i moved to the couch.  i havent been able to leave her alone or... i havent wanted to leave her alone. i dont like her getting up and trying to walk without me as she falls right down hard and those bones are old,  i dont want her hurting herself. she actually is on the couch and chewing on her bone so she continues to be in good spirits and did drink a bowl of water. jeff, tonya and # 2 grandboy will be coming home tonight to see her so she will be really happy to see them.
yesterday while we were in the kitchen, i made scones. i call my friend stephanie (loft creations blog) the scone queen, she has sent me all kinds of scone recipes and this one is one of my favorites. sister jana wanted some for a gift and i thought #1 grand boy would like some for a after school snack.
i had made soap the day before so cut that up also.. sweet pea and pining memories. my swirls got alittle top heavy... but once cut up i think they are fine.

                      enjoy your day!                   jody


  1. Sally looks comfortable, the scones yummy and you soap looks great.
    have a good weekend

  2. Jody ~
    Your soap is beautiful! Have you decided on trying to sell some on your blog?
    Poor Sally girl. Pug hugs and prayers coming her way.

  3. Jody,
    Sally girl looks like she's receiving lots of good TLC! Such a sweetheart! What a nice gift of baked scones! It's been ages since I've had one!
    Pretty pretty soaps!
    Hugs and prayers!
    Cathy G

  4. Sally is such a sweetie, obviously loved and well cared for. Scones make everyone happy. :o) You have me wanting to make a batch. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Sally Girl is in good hands and looks pampered and loved.
    I can imagine your soap smelling so nice. It must be very popular as you make so much of it. It must be rewarding to see it coming out so nice.

    Scones are my favorite biscuits by far. I love then and have a hard time just eating one.
    Have a nice week. JB