Monday, April 16, 2012


the start of a new week! timeless treasures opens today sooo lets hope for a good busy season for us out at the shop! cindys been busy cleaning and ive been busy soaping. we have some sales lined up and we are ready to shop! and sell!
i cut some fresh soap earlier, peppermint wake up, sweet grass and rosemary geranium. i have soap stacked on racks all over the house! i may have to move the wool from my original soap rack and start on that! i will be measuring more oils later today...

cindy girl is saying in this picture, oh my the flash is a little to bright for me mom, i just woke up. she was cuddled into the basket next to the radiator. we woke up to a chilly morning and i cranked the heat up. the sun is shining tho so hopefully it will warm up!
hope you are enjoying your day!                       jody

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  1. What a sweet picture of your snoozey, warm kitty!