Thursday, April 12, 2012

peach swirl..

cucumber swirl and cherry/vanilla. yep made some soap yesterday, later in the day so its not all ready to come out of the molds.. i had gotten a cherry blossom sample fragrance oil but it wasnt really enough for a batch so i added some vanilla bean oil to it and yum! it will do just fine.
i worked, well i really dont think its work but i did play in the back yard some yesterday. i finished cleaning out the bigger pond so hope to fill it today. just in time to dog sit this weekend and im sure oliver, angies big puppy will probley end up in it! he is such a puppy and such a big cute puppy! angela has a scrap booking retreat this weekend but i think she was maybe bringing her quilt to work on. its been chilly here but yesterday it did get nice. i probley would have been out in the snow as i really needed a little time in the yard! nice and sunny today too so maybe i can get all the ponds done and ready for the season. i know the fish are ready to go outside! ill see if i can find a picture from last year...
we bonded at moms yesterday morning for a little bit. we are all slowly making progress on our stitching, jana had gone to a speaker from a bed & breakfast and came home with their cook book so we looked thru that too, we might not get alot done but as always it was nice to be together and chat..
timeless treasures will soon be open so i will be probably bringing out some treasures and soap in the next couple days and i see spring clean up is the end of the month so curb shoppen here i come! one of my favorite times of the year...

enjoy your day!!        jody

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  1. I smell delicious soaps!!! Dave has to do his annual drain and clean of our pond.