Sunday, April 29, 2012

sunday night and sallys better..

yes, i was in the kitchen cooking and all of a sudden there was sally waiting for a little something to fall from the cutting board! she is slowly getting her balance back which is great because yesterday i even took ice for my back in the car with me! jeff did most the helping of sally girl while he was here. she even jumped on the couch herself now tonight so i get the recliner! one more night and i think i will be able to leave her down here alone and sleep in my bed! she made it out a couple times today to sniff around the yard and still falls if she goes to fast or trys to shake but all in all i do see improvement!
i didnt get much curb shopping in but i did stop and pick up these treasures when i went to pick up #1 g-babe from day care. "grandma why are you turning around in the middle of the street and why are you taking that stuff out of someones yard?" then angela looking at me like great.... he will be wanting to curb shop with g-ma...i am going to cut the bird house off the stand and find a place on the shelf for it.. and i really needed another watering can!!! :)
the grandbabes got alittle playing time in and sally got alot of spoiling, angela made it home from the cities, all my children are safe/sound and now my house is quiet and the kittys are starting to show up 1 by 1! so i am catching up on my blogging friends and getting a chance to check out what  i bought and got in the mail yesterday! love it! thanx cathy so much for the wool also!

i see i have 31 followers yea! thanx to my new blogging friends that are stopping by i love being a part of this new community sharing what we all seem to have in common a love for creating! i think its time for a give away! im not sure what i will do yet but it will have to do with my soap soooo stop by and alls you have to do is be a follower on my blog! so on friday i will pick a winner from my followers!
         enjoy your day                jody


  1. Jody ~
    So glad to hear Sally is improving. I do hope it continues!
    Curb shopping. What a hoot. I've never heard it put like that before :) Great score on the old watering can! ("Need" has nothing to do with!)
    I've got Cathy's G's flower garden pattern but have not yet hooked it. Love the bee skep!
    Happy Monday to you!
    I'd love a chance to win some of your soap.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. I love the garden finds. Sounds like good picking!! I would adore some of your soap. But, I really wish I could just come over and you can teach me how to make it! That bee skep is wonderful!

  3. glad Sally is feeling a bit better.
    Lucky you time with the g-babies. and that bee skep is soo cute.
    sounds like a good weekend.

  4. Glad to hear Sally is feeling better. It hurts when they are sad. I think Grandma needs to teach curb shopping to the young. They'll develop a discerning eye for treasures.

  5. Nice to hear that Sally is getting to feel herself again and I love your metal watering can.
    I recognized the little beehive from Cathy at the Red House Wool Studio and the rug pattern.

    I'd love to enter your soap giveaway. Thanks


  6. Hello Jody! I am your newest follower. Glad to hear that Sally is doing better. Love your curb shopping finds. That watering can is awesome. Love your Bee hive. Please enter me in your soap Giveaway!

  7. Hope Sally is feeling better and better! I'm a new follower now, too! Hugs! Stop by and visit me when you can, too! I'm having a giveaway, too!