Monday, May 21, 2012

hooking treasures!

auntie Mary went to visit some special friends, (Mark and Susie) for the weekend and brought back hooking treasures, here to my house. oh my gosh what a great stash! these wool treasures were Susie's auntie who has passed away from breast cancer. she was working on this rug, trying to finish it for them, i offered to finish it since its only mainly back ground left. its defiantly not my style of hooking (but after finishing this it might be!) it is done in #3 noodles which is a long way from #8! i just am just to fly by the seat of my pants...ill have to do some practicing first! there is also some shading ect. soo it will be a good challenge for me!
i do think eventually i will try and sell alot of this for Susie. the wool is beautifully hand dyed with a swatch pamphlet that Hilda had made as she dyed wool and beautiful swatches she made up. all the noodles that are cut are #3 and so well organized. it would be a great buy for someone who hooks with #3! 2 cutters, lots of hooks, older hooking magazines oh my! i hope it rains so i can stay in and play! i can tell that Hilda loved hooking....and loved susie and mark!
thank you Susie and mark for sending this treasure back with auntie Mary!
cindy girl thinks we should get started right away....





enjoy your day!           jody

i had a terrible time with blogger today doing this post sooo it might be a mess!


  1. Wow, what a treasure for a rug hooker to receive, and that rug looks huge.
    I've got wool envy now just looking at all the pretty hand dyed wool . There is enough to keep you busy for a long time.

    Sorry about Susie's auntie passing away. Thanks for sharing this wonderful gift today. Have a blessed day. JB

  2. Oh my word! What a huge stash of gorgeous wools!
    The pattern looks so pretty for winter.
    Best wishes

  3. Love the rug, but a 3 cut??? OUCH! Good luck to you.
    Hugs :)

  4. Look at all the wonderful treasures sent to you!!

  5. OMG what a treasure trove. I am green with envy. And that rug is simply amazing. I am a primitive (#8) hooker but could be tempted to try a #3 if my work came out this good.