Friday, May 11, 2012

i love homespun!

oh my gosh, friday already and may 11. the time sure goes on by.
daughter angie is doing better! i did finely sleep in my own bed last night and her and #1 grandbaby did just fine, she read to him, prayers and tucked him in and they were both sleepen by 8 she said. i was just over and helped her with a few things and she may try go into work this afternoon for a bit.
i havent been hooking or soaping or anything besides being with angie and working in the yards some, but wanted to check in and say hi to all my blogging friends so thought i would show some quilts I've made.
i have some of them hanging on these screens that i got while we were in japan and love how i can move them around easily ect. even decorate the gardens with them when i do fun things out there.
the top one i made 1 for each of my sisters and hand quilted them and also 1 for myself. the middle one was a kit from country threads and the bottom one i put together in a weekend when mark went tdy to England, i moved the furniture and started piecing. i handstiched it also. and the other one i have shown b/4 it was a kit from country threads and i call it barn door but im not sure if thats even the right name, feel free to let me know! id hate to get up and look at the pattern....
well heading outside for a bit, its windy here but that keeps it getting to warm while playing!

sister janas son nick graduated from his college this am and we are all so proud of him! he starts a new job on monday! good luck nick! we all love ya!
       enjoy your day!             jody


  1. Hi Jody! I came across your blog while visiting another blog.Became a follower and look forward to getting to know you.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Hi Jody,
    O my goodness I missed your last post! Glad your daughter is doing better! You have certainly had your hands full the past few weeks! You are a wonderful mother! I hope you have a happy and blessed Mother's Day! Take good care of yourself too!!
    Cathy G

  3. Great quilts Jody! I'm glad your daughter is doing better. Wishing you a happy Mother's Day. Lori

  4. love all those!
    good for him!

  5. Gorgeous quilts! I love the warm colors!
    Have fun playin'!

    Nothing like sleeping in your own bed to get a better sleep. I'm glad that your daughter is doing better.

    Thanks for showing some of your quilts. I find that quilts are so cosy. The bottom one is my favourite.

    Have a great weekend. JB

  7. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!! SO glad your daughters doing better!! Love the quilts!!

  8. Jody - I love homespun too, and have lots of it - but it seems I've been using more civil war reproduction prints in my quilts lately. Your quilts are all just lovely - thanks for sharing the pictures of them!

  9. Homespun feels so comfortable and comforting! I love these quilts!